Monday, January 15, 2018

Ending 2017

It has been awhile since I have blogged, so I thought I would just do a catch up.  We had Thanksgiving at our house this year  Brett, Laurie and family came over and Matt, Amy and kids came down from KY.  I really don't know why I don't have any pictures.  It was a good day with everyone here. Larry and his family were here also.  The day after Thanksgiving several went down to Mt. Pleasant to see Larry's cabin that he built this year.  It's a little over an hour from here.

Matt Amy and family stayed the week after Thanksgiving.  Matt has some vacation time he needs to use up. We enjoyed the time with their family.  They have a new member, Daniel Pickett Graubner was born November 8.

December was a busy time for us.  We celebrated our anniversary a little early with friends.  We went out to eat at Stoney River Steak House.  It was so delicious.  We were seated by the fireplace and had such a nice evening.

Our anniversary was the 22 of Dec.  Howard and I went to IHOP for our free breakfast and then we went up to Opryland hotel and walked around.

December 22, 1961
Where has the time gone?

Larry, Rachel and their kids came over that evening and we had our Christmas exchange with them.  It was a fun evening.

Christmas Eve day we drove over to Laurie's in east TN to celebrate Christmas with them.  We had not been with them on Christmas Day in a long time.

Brett's Mom was there as well as a niece.  It was a nice day.  Of course when the Graubner's and families get together there is alway plenty of food.  The whole family likes to cook.  We just fixed snacks and it made for a very relaxing day.

This is just a little bit of the food that was put out.

Chase, Daria and Hunter

Laurie and Brett

Howard and Chase

Noah and Ryan
Miss Daria

The 27th was my birthday.  We left Laurie's house after breakfast.  When I got up to go upstairs this is what I found in the stairwell.

Laurie made a coffee cake we like in the cast iron skillet.  It was too hot to put candles in it, so they put them on dsome muffins Hunter had mae.
They look as wilted as I look!!

We drove up to Matt and Amy's house.  Amy made birthday dinner for me.  It was chicken souvlaki.  It was delicious.

 The girls loved that I was having my birthday at their house.  
You will notice a bandaid on Evelyn's forehead.  She got a box of bandaid's for Christmas.  She really didn't have an owiee but wanted one of her "mandaids" to put on it.  It stayed on for over a week.  She thought it was the best gift!!
princess Abigail

I'm very blessed to have been able to be at two of my kids homes for my birthday.

While we were at Matt and Amy's we visited The Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter and walked around Christmas Town.  Matt works at both of these places.

Daniel, Matt, Abigail, Amy and Evelyn

We then drove to our daughter, Erin's home.  We spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with them.

We played lots of games and had a fun time.  Don't know why I  didn't get any pictures.  I guess we were too busy having fun.  Erin did get a picture of Colter and I.  He is a senior in high school this year.

We were so blessed to spend time with some of our children and grandchildren.

Howard made me some tables for our anniversary.  We used two of them for the guest room and one for our room.

They are made out of cherry.  I really like them.

Howard made each of our children a cross stitch of the states they live in, and framed it with wood from his dad's barn in Michigan. He marked the cities they live in.  Our children all have great memories of that barn as kids.

Rick lives in LaHabra

 Laurie lives in Ocoee

John lives in Costa Mesa

 Larry lives in Nolensville

 Cheryl lives in Homedale

 Erin lives in Brownsburg

Matt lives in Covington

Ann made the matting from fabric we found.

Until next time.  Hopefully it won't be so long next time.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time with Family

This is going to be mostly pictures of our family time in the last month.  We've had a lot going on.
Amy and the girls (Abigail and Evelyn) spent a week with us before we drove down to McAllen.  Matt went to the Dallas area to help his in-laws clean out Amy's aunt's house after she unexpectedly died. Amy's Dr didn't want her to travel, but Matt was more comfortable with her staying with us with the girls.  That way, if she went into labor she would have us here with her.
It was a fun and busy week.  

 Guess who found the markers.   We thought we had put them all up!
 The girls love the old Fisher Price toys that we have.

 Amy and the girls went to the Sr luncheon with us.

 We took Amy and the girls out to La Siesta for lunch.

Baking time with Grandpa.  Making cookies that Abigail can have.  She is allergic to dairy, egg, and peanuts.


 Spelling out everyone's name

Reading time with Grandma
Movie night with popcorn and apples

 Fire outside 

Story by the fire.

Last weekend our grandson got married, down in Eagleville.  Larry invited the whole family that was here to the rehearsal dinner.  We all helped prepare the food for about 80 people.

 McKenna and Laurie
 Laurie, Matt, and McKenna
 Luke and McKenna
That is certainly a lot of mashed potatoes, Luke!
Diana and Hope went with Erin and Rachel to get flowers to decorate for the rehearsal dinner.

Cousins that were at the dinner.
Back row:
Erik Graubner, Townsend Kaneversky, Luke Simmons, Sam (nephew of Rachel's), Ryan Amelung
Middle Row:
McKenna Kaneversky, Clayton Kaneversky, Daria Amelung, Zane Graubner
Front Row:
Abigail Graubner, Mark Graubner and Emily (Pett) Graubner

Our children that were able to come
Back row:
Matt Graubner, Larry Graubner
Middle Row:
Howard, Rachel Graubner, David Kaneversky and Brett Amelung
Front Row:
Ann, Erin Kaneversky, Laurie Amelung, Diana Simmons and Rick Simmons

My three bearded grandsons.
Luke, Erik and Townsend

Erin and David.  David officiated at the wedding.
 The day of the wedding.
Abigail and her daddy

 Abigail did a great job.

The Wedding Party

Larry, Rachel, Emily, Mark, Erik and Zane Graubner
Mark and Emily with Grandma and Grandpa.
The Bride and the Groom

Laurie, Brett, Ryan, Chase and Daria Amelung
Erin, Clayton, McKenna and Townsend Kaneversky

Diana, Hope and Luke Simmons

We had a great time at the reception.  These old people even did some dancing.

Sunday after church, those of us that were still here went out to eat at Hickory Falls.

 Daria, Rachel (hidden) Laurie, Chase, Ryan, McKenna, Clayton, Zane, Larry, Brett, Erin and Grandpa
Clayton and Grandma

These kids want to know if they can get royalities from their Uncle Larry if they advertise for him. :)

Tuesday we met Larry in Mt. Pleasant at The Grill.  We had lunch and then we went out to "The Farm."  He has built a cabin and plans to use the land to hunt and relax.  We helped him with some things that needed to be done.

 The view from his front porch
Sitting on the porch swing 

The cabin from the road.

 Grandpa and Clayton making Hungry Boy Cookies
 Probably the best cookie in the world.
Taking some over to Uncle Larry

P.S.  The project got finished in McAllen, TX.  The guys did such a great job, but just didn't have time to quite finish it.  It looks great.

Grandma and Grandpa hope to take a rest now.  It's been a busy month, but we are so thankful for family that we could see and spend time with.

Ending 2017

It has been awhile since I have blogged, so I thought I would just do a catch up.  We had Thanksgiving at our house this year  Brett, Lauri...