Saturday, January 30, 2010


Matt suggested that I start a blog. I will give it a try. Won't promise how often I will write in it.

Yesterday morning it started snowing about 9:30. We scrapped our plans and left for the YMCA to do our workout before we got much snow. It was still snowing when we went to bed last night, but it was starting to rain and we have a layer of ice on everything this morning.

We are having some neighbors in today to eat chili and play some games this afternoon. We certainly aren't driving anywhere.

Howard measured the snow in the driveway and he said we got 3 inches. This is the most we've seen since we moved here.


  1. The pictures are awesome. Josie wishes that we had some snow.


  2. Nice pictures...three inches sounds cool. I like the ice on the tree.


  3. It looks like Colorado. Britt said Jackson was closed down due to snow down there. Sounds like good plans to have a game and chili day.

  4. (this is Lori Sheppard) Congratulations on your blog Ann! I think you will like it alot. And woo hoo on the snow. Glad you are getting it and we have a reprieve for a while.

  5. We just came home from Arizona were we spent a few days with the motor home. I think I prefer the sun and warmth around here compared to your ice. Marga

  6. Your Blog is great Ann!.. You aren't suppose to walk in snow with tennis shoes will get your feet wet and possibly fall down and go "Boom."

    Wisconsin Winter Warrior


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