Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunshin on the snow

Today was a beautiful day. We woke up to sunshine. Yesterday we got a call that church was canceled because of all the ice on top of the snow. Our church meets in a school and the parking lot and sidewalks are not clear. All the roads in subdivisions are not clear either. The ice on the trees just glistened. The snow was all sparkly too. After breakfast we decided to walk down to the creek and take some pictures. I used a walking stick and hung on to Howard. I only fell once! When we got to the main road we decided to walk on it. There were not many cars going by, and we could just step to the side.

This is a big oak tree that we can see from our house. The moon light on it last night was so pretty with all the ice on it. Today the sun was shining on it and it was all glistening.

The water was flowing pretty good when we got down to the creek. There are some ice cycles on the water falls, tho.

Howard bought this insulated jump suit for work. He works in a garage when he goes to work. He's used it quit a bit in our garage working. It really wasn't too cold today, especially when you are walking.

After lunch we drove down to Michael's to pick up some things. We had some coupons that had to be used by today.

I also did some studying on my bible study. I'm teaching a Women s class on Wed. night at church.

I worked a little on a puzzle. This puzzle is going to take a long time! It's all different covered bridges in the USA.

Tonight is below freezing again, so the ice will still be there tomorrow morning, but it's suppose to warm up. This is unusal for us to have snow more than two days. It has been pretty to look at.


  1. I like the pictures, it does look nice. The lantern shot is a good angle. Where exactly is the creek? I don't ever remember walking there.

  2. I also like the lantern shot. It looks pretty.


  3. I'm partial to the creek pictures myself, but I love seeing all your pictures! Beautiful!