Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buckets of Hope

Believe it or not, I have not been that sore since my fall off of the treadmill.  I went back to the Y on Monday and I did put the safety clip on.  I've never seen anyone use it, but I will from now on.

We've enjoyed watching the Olympics in the evenings.  I just can't image anyone moving like they do down the slopes or the ice skating!

We had a beautiful weekend. The weather was warm, but it has changed.  It is cold.  It's that time of year it switches back and forth.  Laurie and Brett called this morning.  They are on a cruise and they called from Key West, FL.  Laurie was wearing sandals and capri's.

Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief are doing Buckets of Hope for Haiti.  Howard and I decided to do a bucket and our Sunday School class is putting one together also.  We looked at several stores on Saturday for the white 5 gallon buckets.  It seems Wal Mart has been sold out.  So many people have responded to this need.  We finally found a smaller hardware store that still had some.  We had very specific instructions on what to put in the bucket and how to pack it. This is so it will pass through customs quickly.
These are the items that will fit into the bucket.
I think I read somewhere that this will feed a family in Haiti for a week.  The buckets will be very useful to them also.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fast Weekend

Where does the time go?  Our weekend just slipped away.

Friday we did not go back to the YMCA.  We went to a funereal of someone in our church.  Friday night our SS class had a party. Howard started teaching this class in the fall.  It was for people that haven't been in Sunday School.  The class has been going well.  There were 16 of us at the party.  We had a covered dish meal first and then played, Catch Phrase and then had a Swap Party.  We all brought items that were still good, but we didn't have a need for them any more.  We played it like we would a White Elephant party or a Dirty Santa.  It was a fun evening.  We all sat around and shared storied and laughed the evening away!

Saturday, we had some errands to run. We first went to Wood Craft and Howard bought a 14" band saw.  We spent some time there getting what he needed.  Our church is participating in "Buckets of Hope", for Haiti.  We have certain items that we need to put in a white 5 gallon bucket.  It will feed a family for a week.  Our problem is finding white 5 gallon buckets with lids.  We got a lead on where to get some, that I will check on tomorrow. We went several places and they are all sold out.  Our SS class if also putting a bucket together. Larry had given us a coupon toward dinner at Stoney River (steak place).  It didn't open until 4:00 so had to wait for that time to come.  It was a wonderful steak dinner.  We have seasons tickets to Lamplighter Theater and this was the last weekend for "Father of the Bride."  When yesterday got so long we decided we would go this afternoon.  When we got home I remembered we couldn't go this afternoon, so we went last night.  It was a good play.  Some of friends were there, so we sat together.

Today was the usual SS and church.  This afternoon we had a special business meeting at church.  Our building committee  presented the latest plans for our building. Today was the discussion and time to ask questions.  We will vote next Sunday. 

Our snow is all gone, and it was very nice out today.  Won't be long and our bulb plants will be coming up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fell of the treadmill

Today Howard and I went over to the YMCA, like we do three times a week. I got on the treadmill and the speed kept increasing. I guess it was a delayed reaction to my setting it. Anyway, it started going faster than I could go. I went to step up on the side and my foot caught and it through me off of the treadmill. I ended up shooting off on my stomach and my chin and upper chest caught on the moving treadmill. I have a nice rug burn on my chin and upper chest. It could have been a lot worse. We stopped by the Dr. office on the way home. He gave me a shot of Torodal and some Celebrex to take for 6 days. That should help with the soreness that I'm starting to feel.
I may start wearing the clip you can put on and it will stop the treadmill if you fall. A good lesson learned.
Our snow is all gone, except for a few patches. I think we are suppose to get rain this weekend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Snow

We did arrive home on Saturday afternoon. When the sun came out in Atlanta is was beautiful. The interstate was clear, except when we first got on. We went 5 mph for about 25 minutes. The only thing we could see is that they were clearing out accidents from the night before. We are not sorry at all that we stayed.

Sunday we had snow flurries, but it didn't amount to anything. Howard taught SS and we enjoyed being back in our own church. Sunday night was the Valentine Banquet. It was a fun evening and the program was great. It started raining Sunday evening and some time during the night it turned to snow. We got a good ground covering, but that was about it.

Monday we went to the YMCA. We try to go three times a week. During that day yesterday we got more snow. and during the night. The roads are clear, tho. There was another snow day today for the schools, tho. These curving and hilly roads can get real icy.

Last night I finished another puzzle that Howard had given me for Christmas. I really wondered when I started this one if I would finish it, but I did. It's always rewarding to me to finish a puzzle that is a challenge.

Well, I have a hearing test this afternoon in west Nashville. Probably will be getting new hearing aides. Maybe I will be able to hear better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Atlanta, Georgia

We left St. Cloud, FL this morning at 6:30. We had planned on going on in home tonight. We had rain most of the time in Florida and southern Georgia. We at first made reservations at a hotel in Macon, but when we got there the roads weren't bad, so we canceled and continued on toward Atlanta. After we got north of Macon the snow started coming down, but the roads were clear. We still planned on going on home. Probably 30 miles south of Atlanta the traffic started slowing. We went 20 miles an hour several miles. We saw two accidents, one involved 4 cars and one involved 6 cars. As the snow kept coming we decided this was going to put us going through Atlanta at rush hour traffic. We stopped at a Hampton Inn in Morrow. The snow is still coming down, but has slowed down some. It looks like they got at least 3 inches. It's a beautiful snow, but the roads were getting slippery. Tonight it is suppose to freeze, but should be OK tomorrow morning. We stopped at Costco and got a good spinach salad and a stuffed chicken breast we could heat up. We are just staying put. We thought, oh, good we can watch the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. NOT! The TV was out because of the weather. But guess what has come on now, so we can watch it. I'll post some pictures that I took around the hotel here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My first time ever to an IKEA store today. We went to the one in Orlando.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Florida is still cold

We are still in St. Cloud. We have been visiting with Howard's sister and helping her with some projects around the house. She took the week off of work, so we been able to be together a lot. What fun for us. Howard's nephew is here from Nigeria, also. Andy, Heidi, Bjorn and Leif have eaten their meals with us also, so we could spend time together.
On Sunday we went to a concert by Living Truth 2. We have not heard them in several years, so that was nice to hear them again. They play several different instrument, plus sing.
Monday, Howard and Andy rescreened Miriam's back porch (patio). It looks so nice.

Tuesday, we drove over to Lakeland and visited a freind that lives in Tampa. We met at the bd's Mongolian Grill. Oh, my that food was good. It was rainy outside, and the restaurant was not full, so we talked for 3 hours.

This is our friend, Barb Wolcott

"Uncle Howard" has spent lots of time reading to the boys. They love it! I love watching them while Howard is reading to them. The expressions on their faces is so good.

Howard also mended some chairs that Mirm's had. The boys were so interesting in what he was doing. I love this age (6yrs and 4 yrs).

Of course no one takes Nana'a place. Miriam is so enjoying having the kids close. They only live about a mile away, so she sees them often. They will be here for another month, before Heidi goes up to Minnesota to visit her folks. While she is there Andy will be making two trips back to Africa to help with some workshops. Andy works with nationals on translating the bible into their heart languages.
Leif, Nana (Miriam) and Bjorn

Today I made a new cover for Miriam's couch. This couch is one that we bought in 1968 when Erin was 6 months old. I reupholstered it it in 1982. It's a comfortable couch and the frame on itis excellent . We had given it to Andy and Heidi when they lived in CA. They moved it to Florida and then they gave it to Miriam when they went to Africa. I think it turned out pretty good. We went to JoAnn's the other day and Miriam picked out the fabric. I guess what goes around comes back around.

We were just watching the news and it is supposed to be 32 degrees tomorrow. I'm sure glad we didn't come down to have warm weather. We are supposed to have rain on our way home on Friday.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

St. Cloud, Florida

We left Macon Georgia, yestesday morning in a heavy rain! The hard rain did not let up for about 6 hours. It just kept coming down. We had rain all the way to Miriam's house. We got in about 6:00. So much for warm sunny Florida!

We did have sunshine today, but it was somewhat cool. A sweater felt good. Miriam's son, Andy, his wife Heidi and their two sons have spent the day here today. It's been fun being with Bjorn (6 years) and Leif (4 years). They are home for a few months from Nigeria. Cris, Miriam's daughter, spent the day with us also. She and Howard enjoyed making apple pie together. Ben, Cris's husband came in the afternoon from work.

Old friends of ours from Michigan are spending the night here and will have a concert in the area tomorrow morning. They are the Living Truth singing group. It was a fun evening with them tonight.

I will try and post pictures next time I write.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Macon, Georgia

We are in route to Florida. We are going down to visit Howard's sister Miriam, and her kids. Andy and Heidi are home on furlough from Nigeria.

We got the ice chest packed up and and the car loaded and left home about 9:00. We stopped at a welcome center and ate our lunch in the car. I had heated up some good white bean chicken chili and put it in thermoses. It sure tasted good. We stopped at Costco near Morrow and got out and walked around the warehouse to get some exercise. It has been cold and rainy most of the day, so that was a dry place to walk.

We ate our supper in the hotel room and have just been relaxing. We will drive into Miriam's tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

We have not had school here since last Thursday. Tomorrow there is still no school. The rural roads are just too dangerous to put buses out on them. Because there is no school my Community Bible Study will not be meeting tomorrow morning.

I finished a book today titled, "same kind of different as me". Larry recommended it to me and a friend at church loaned me a copy. It is amazing what happens when one woman listens to God and does what He wants her to. If you get a chance to read it I would highly recommend it.

One of my favorite songs right now is: My Hope is in the Lord. The Tally Trio has a recording of it. I've been hearing it on the radio and got it on i tunes for my i pod. I'm going to put the words here for it.

My Hope is in the Lord

Verse 1
They heard God say, have you considered my servant Job
He’s one who’s faithful in all that he knows
Job lost his family, his land and all his wealth
When he wouldn’t curse God, Job lost his health
Job’s cries could be heard from the ashes where he lay
Through the pain and sorrow Job had to say

My hope is in the Lord
I will trust in Him, and Him alone
Though death knocks at my door
My hope is in the Lord

Verse 2
He sat in the chair as the doctor broke the news
It could be a week, a month or maybe two
The cancer has spread, death will find its way
There’s nothing we can do, there’s nothing I can say
Then the young man raised his trembling hands
As his eyes filled with tears
And you could hear him softly say, through the pain and the fear


My hope is in the Lord
I will trust in Him, and Him alone
Though death knocks at my door
My hope is in the Lord

Though fear surrounds me and it seems there is no hope
There’s one thing I’m sure of
There’s one thing that I know


My hope is in the Lord
I will trust in Him, and Him alone
Though death knocks at my door
My hope is in the Lord

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