Friday, February 12, 2010

Atlanta, Georgia

We left St. Cloud, FL this morning at 6:30. We had planned on going on in home tonight. We had rain most of the time in Florida and southern Georgia. We at first made reservations at a hotel in Macon, but when we got there the roads weren't bad, so we canceled and continued on toward Atlanta. After we got north of Macon the snow started coming down, but the roads were clear. We still planned on going on home. Probably 30 miles south of Atlanta the traffic started slowing. We went 20 miles an hour several miles. We saw two accidents, one involved 4 cars and one involved 6 cars. As the snow kept coming we decided this was going to put us going through Atlanta at rush hour traffic. We stopped at a Hampton Inn in Morrow. The snow is still coming down, but has slowed down some. It looks like they got at least 3 inches. It's a beautiful snow, but the roads were getting slippery. Tonight it is suppose to freeze, but should be OK tomorrow morning. We stopped at Costco and got a good spinach salad and a stuffed chicken breast we could heat up. We are just staying put. We thought, oh, good we can watch the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. NOT! The TV was out because of the weather. But guess what has come on now, so we can watch it. I'll post some pictures that I took around the hotel here.

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  1. It looks pretty. I am glad you were able to stop for the night before it got to bad.



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