Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fell of the treadmill

Today Howard and I went over to the YMCA, like we do three times a week. I got on the treadmill and the speed kept increasing. I guess it was a delayed reaction to my setting it. Anyway, it started going faster than I could go. I went to step up on the side and my foot caught and it through me off of the treadmill. I ended up shooting off on my stomach and my chin and upper chest caught on the moving treadmill. I have a nice rug burn on my chin and upper chest. It could have been a lot worse. We stopped by the Dr. office on the way home. He gave me a shot of Torodal and some Celebrex to take for 6 days. That should help with the soreness that I'm starting to feel.
I may start wearing the clip you can put on and it will stop the treadmill if you fall. A good lesson learned.
Our snow is all gone, except for a few patches. I think we are suppose to get rain this weekend.

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