Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Florida is still cold

We are still in St. Cloud. We have been visiting with Howard's sister and helping her with some projects around the house. She took the week off of work, so we been able to be together a lot. What fun for us. Howard's nephew is here from Nigeria, also. Andy, Heidi, Bjorn and Leif have eaten their meals with us also, so we could spend time together.
On Sunday we went to a concert by Living Truth 2. We have not heard them in several years, so that was nice to hear them again. They play several different instrument, plus sing.
Monday, Howard and Andy rescreened Miriam's back porch (patio). It looks so nice.

Tuesday, we drove over to Lakeland and visited a freind that lives in Tampa. We met at the bd's Mongolian Grill. Oh, my that food was good. It was rainy outside, and the restaurant was not full, so we talked for 3 hours.

This is our friend, Barb Wolcott

"Uncle Howard" has spent lots of time reading to the boys. They love it! I love watching them while Howard is reading to them. The expressions on their faces is so good.

Howard also mended some chairs that Mirm's had. The boys were so interesting in what he was doing. I love this age (6yrs and 4 yrs).

Of course no one takes Nana'a place. Miriam is so enjoying having the kids close. They only live about a mile away, so she sees them often. They will be here for another month, before Heidi goes up to Minnesota to visit her folks. While she is there Andy will be making two trips back to Africa to help with some workshops. Andy works with nationals on translating the bible into their heart languages.
Leif, Nana (Miriam) and Bjorn

Today I made a new cover for Miriam's couch. This couch is one that we bought in 1968 when Erin was 6 months old. I reupholstered it it in 1982. It's a comfortable couch and the frame on itis excellent . We had given it to Andy and Heidi when they lived in CA. They moved it to Florida and then they gave it to Miriam when they went to Africa. I think it turned out pretty good. We went to JoAnn's the other day and Miriam picked out the fabric. I guess what goes around comes back around.

We were just watching the news and it is supposed to be 32 degrees tomorrow. I'm sure glad we didn't come down to have warm weather. We are supposed to have rain on our way home on Friday.

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