Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Snow

We did arrive home on Saturday afternoon. When the sun came out in Atlanta is was beautiful. The interstate was clear, except when we first got on. We went 5 mph for about 25 minutes. The only thing we could see is that they were clearing out accidents from the night before. We are not sorry at all that we stayed.

Sunday we had snow flurries, but it didn't amount to anything. Howard taught SS and we enjoyed being back in our own church. Sunday night was the Valentine Banquet. It was a fun evening and the program was great. It started raining Sunday evening and some time during the night it turned to snow. We got a good ground covering, but that was about it.

Monday we went to the YMCA. We try to go three times a week. During that day yesterday we got more snow. and during the night. The roads are clear, tho. There was another snow day today for the schools, tho. These curving and hilly roads can get real icy.

Last night I finished another puzzle that Howard had given me for Christmas. I really wondered when I started this one if I would finish it, but I did. It's always rewarding to me to finish a puzzle that is a challenge.

Well, I have a hearing test this afternoon in west Nashville. Probably will be getting new hearing aides. Maybe I will be able to hear better.

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