Friday, May 7, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain

This is the third time I've worked on this post.  I would get called away from the computer, or had to do something else on the computer and I lost it.  I am going to finish it now!  Last Friday, Brett, Laurie, Marie (Brett's mom) and five kids came down to our house.  We enjoyed having them here.

Saturday we were all going over to Dunlap to look at a house that Brett and Laurie are thinking of buying.  Howard had a men's retreat.  It started raining shortly after Howard left and right after we left.  We were going east so we kind of stayed ahead of it.  We spent a couple of hours over there and then went out to lunch.  Howard called about that time and said it had rained pretty much most of the time.  We headed back home.  About the time we got to Murfreesboro is started really coming down.  Cars were being very careful and had their flashers.  We were hearing reports of possible tornado in La Vergne and flooding in the area.  We got home just as Howard was getting home. The retreat let out early because of the rains.

Sunday morning Brett, Laurie and family had to leave to go home.  They could not go through Nashville.  I-24 had 150 cars flooded on it and the interstate was not open.  They went on some back roads and got over to 840 and took it over to I-40 and went east toward Knoxville.  It rained hard Sunday afternoon and evening.  This is what greeted us when we got home from lunch after church.

The water is coming around the side of the yard toward the front yard. 

 Our front yard

The rest of the front yard.

Water is coming down off the lots in back of us, but the drainage ditch is full.  Just too much water too fast.

It is filling up the back yard and covering the patio.  It did not get high enough for the patio.

The water went down Sunday night when the rains tapered off.  

We received 14 inches of rain in 36 hours.  That is a 1/4 of our yearly rainfall.  It's the wettest May on record and we were only two days into the month.  Nashville has really been hit.  The Cumberland was at 55 ft and normal is 16 ft.  A lot of places in Nashville and out lying areas  have been flooded.  We are very thankful we did not have any damage.

We have had beautiful weather this week.  Today is close to 90 degrees, but we hear a cold front is coming in today, so it will be cooler tomorrow.

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