Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My grandson, Josh, has been giving me rough time about not posting on my blog.  So, I’m going to try and post a couple times a month this year.  Maybe I will be able to keep up with that.

We had a good Christmas break.  Can you have a break if you are retired?

Josh had his wisdom teeth pulled on the 20th.  He did pretty good with the process.  He looked a little like a chipmunk for a couple of days.

My mom flew in from Montana on the evening of the 20th.  It has been good to have her here.  We have enjoyed making candy, decorating Christmas cookies and having friends come in.

I had surgery on the 23rd to remove an enlarged lymph node under my chin.  The pathology report came back with NO lymphoma. 

We’ve had snow twice this month.  We actually got snow on Christmas Day.  That is the first time in 17 years.  Our snow only last a couple of days, so it’s not bad at all.

We went over to Larry’s on Christmas Eve after church.  It was a fun time of eating and just being together.  Christmas day, Larry’s family came over here for dinner and presents.  Josh went over to their house to spend the week.

We all met at Hickory Falls for my birthday on the 27th. 

Today I put up my snowmen.  Cheryl quilted me the mantle cover for my fire place.  She did such a beautiful job.

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  1. I like all the pictures. I am glad that the mantle quilt fits. It looks nice.



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