Monday, January 17, 2011

January snow

It will be two weeks tomorrow since I posted my blog, so I better get on top of it.  We did get snow on the night of the 9th.  We got three inches.  Unlike the snow we usually get around here this was here almost a week.  It was the pretty kind of snow that sticks to the branches!

Josh came over and spent a couple of days with us before he went back to school.  Erik and Mark drove him back to college.  They got a caving trip in before they returned home.

Matt and our future daughter-in-law, Amy came down last weekend.  It was nice to get to know Amy a little more.  We had only briefly met her one morning up in KY at the end of our visit with Laurie and family.  Amy lives in Richmond, VA and Matt met her at a convention he was working at in Richmond.  Isn’t it interesting how God arranges these things?  They are planning a wedding sometime next summer.

Matt and Amy left early this morning, and they were driving to Richmond.  Tomorrow Matt will drive back home in No. KY.

Mom is still with us and we are enjoying her visit.

Howard is working on a cherry pencil post bed for our bedroom.  It is going to be beautiful when it is done.

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  1. I like the pictures of the snow on the trees. That is pretty when it sticks to that. I really like the picture of Matt and Amy.



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