Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Latest Project

Boy, I am really slipping.  It has been almost three weeks since I posted.  This was been quite the winter.  From what people tell us this winter has been a lot colder and more snow that usual.  We do not have any snow right now.

My mom is still with us.  We’ve been thankful to have to be able to stay this long.  It is cold here, but not near as cold as Billings.  My brother said it was -15 degrees one morning this week.

After Christmas Howard started working on our bed for our bedroom.  Larry really helped him.  Some of the work was done over at Larry’s and some was done here in our garage.  The bed all comes apart so that makes it nice to transport.  We are hoping we don’t have to do that any time soon, now that it is done.

Howard picked out the cherry wood.  Some of the pieces have a beautiful grain to it.  There is also quite a bit of sap wood which makes interesting pieces.  I love the looks of it.  We did not put a stain on the wood.  Cherry will naturally darken with age.  We just used a wipe on finish after we sanded each piece. 

These are the pieces as I put the finish in them
Setting the bed up and getting all the slats in place

 The finished product
 The bed is a pencil post bed style.  We have have the tester (teester) over the bed.  We are not putting a canopy over the top.  Howard still have the finials to turn on the lathe that will go on top of each post.

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