Monday, April 11, 2011

Our last day in Idaho

Today was our last day at Holcomb’s.  The girls had school.



I did laundry so I could pack.

We took the girls to Cold Stone Creamery and they loved it.

Emily and Josie
Josie and RaeAnne
RaeAnne, Emily and Josie

I got packed.

Jay, my nephew from Minnesota, was in Boise on business, and he came out for dinner.  Jay was my first nephew.  He made me Auntie Ann.

Jay and Cheryl are first cousins.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aebleskivers for Breakfast

We had Aebleskivers for breakfast this morning.  It’s a favorite with our grandkids.  We even got some CA strawberries at Costco.  But I will have to say that they are not the same when they are picked ripe.

I start out with an Aebleskiver pan.  I like the cast iron ones.  I put some oil in each well.  The pan needs to be hot when I start, but not too hot.

I put batter in each cup and let it start to cook.

 I turn them with a knitting needle as they cook.  It usually takes about 3 turns to cook them.

I will do one more turn to finish cooking them.

Don't  they look good?

Ready to eat

Strawberries and cool whip on them makes a delicious breakfast!!


  2        tablespoons  sugar  2       cups  buttermilk
  2       cups  flour
  2       eggs -- seperated
  2       teaspoons  baking powder
  1/2   teaspoon  salt
  1/2    teaspoon  baking soda
  4        tablespoons  margarine -- melted

Beat the two egg whites until stiff.  Mix all other ingredients together and fold in egg whites

"sphere pancakes"
  "32 "

Yesterday Harold and RaeAnne got the tomatoes and peppers planted.  They plant seed and cover them and in about a month they will transplant the plants. This gives them an early start on their garden.

I have never seen anyone do this before.  Emily puts ketchup on her baked potato!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life continues at the Holcomb's

Yesterday we went into Nampa.  Josie had her project to turn in and give her report.  We did some shopping and errands runs while she was busy.  The four of us had lunch at Costco.

 Last evening we just spent time in the living room relaxing and spending time together.
Josie and Emily
Cheryl and Harold

 The kids (goats) are all eating good.  One didn't eat well for a couple of days.  He got brought into the shop for a couple of nights.

 RaeAnne with Thunder and Lightening

Josie with Mr. Spall and Captian Jack Sparrow

Emily with Sebastian and Gregory

We went into Nampa tonight with Harold and Cheryl and ate at the Mongolian BBQ.  I’m not as hungry as I was, that is for sure.

Loading up our bowls
Cooking our food

Cheryl and Howard picked fresh asparagus and we are going to have it for dinner tomorrow. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finishing up the soap making

This morning we took the soap out of the molds.  I was surprised at how warm it still was.

We took the soap out of the mold.

Then we sliced the soap

Now it is curing.  Cheryl cures it for 3-4 weeks.  The brown specks in the soap is the beeswax.  Josie really likes this in her soap.  Cheryl said that since she started making soap, Harold hasn't get the winter itch.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happenings at the Holcomb's Homestead


Here it is April and  I’ve been two months since I’ve posted.  I guess I will not make a good blogger.

My mom was with us until last Thursday.  We flew as far as Denver with her and made sure she got on her flight to Billings.  We then flew from Denver to Boise.  Our flight was late in leaving so didn’t get to Cheryl’s until 2:30 am.  That was a long day.

We are enjoying our time with the Holcomb’s.  I watched something today I have not done before.  Cheryl  made a batch of soap.  They had picked up the beef they had butchered and she had  asked to have the fat saved.  She usually saves all of her fat from cooking to make soap.  She rendered the fat down over the outside fire pit.

After  it was rendered and strained she was ready to make soap today.  First she mixed  the lye into the water.  It forms a chemical reaction and gets very hot. 

She then mixed the fat into this mixture until all the fat melted.   She also added some soy oil to the mixture.

She added bees wax  to the mixture that she had melted in a double boiler after it had been strained.
We poured the mixture into the molds.  Tomorrow we will be able to take the soap out of the molds and cut and let them cure for three weeks before she wraps them.


They have just gotten six little kids ( goats).  The have to be bottle fed three times a day.  I have helped the girls do this. 

 They also just got some chicks and turkeys to raise

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