Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aebleskivers for Breakfast

We had Aebleskivers for breakfast this morning.  It’s a favorite with our grandkids.  We even got some CA strawberries at Costco.  But I will have to say that they are not the same when they are picked ripe.

I start out with an Aebleskiver pan.  I like the cast iron ones.  I put some oil in each well.  The pan needs to be hot when I start, but not too hot.

I put batter in each cup and let it start to cook.

 I turn them with a knitting needle as they cook.  It usually takes about 3 turns to cook them.

I will do one more turn to finish cooking them.

Don't  they look good?

Ready to eat

Strawberries and cool whip on them makes a delicious breakfast!!


  2        tablespoons  sugar  2       cups  buttermilk
  2       cups  flour
  2       eggs -- seperated
  2       teaspoons  baking powder
  1/2   teaspoon  salt
  1/2    teaspoon  baking soda
  4        tablespoons  margarine -- melted

Beat the two egg whites until stiff.  Mix all other ingredients together and fold in egg whites

"sphere pancakes"
  "32 "

Yesterday Harold and RaeAnne got the tomatoes and peppers planted.  They plant seed and cover them and in about a month they will transplant the plants. This gives them an early start on their garden.

I have never seen anyone do this before.  Emily puts ketchup on her baked potato!

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