Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happenings at the Holcomb's Homestead


Here it is April and  I’ve been two months since I’ve posted.  I guess I will not make a good blogger.

My mom was with us until last Thursday.  We flew as far as Denver with her and made sure she got on her flight to Billings.  We then flew from Denver to Boise.  Our flight was late in leaving so didn’t get to Cheryl’s until 2:30 am.  That was a long day.

We are enjoying our time with the Holcomb’s.  I watched something today I have not done before.  Cheryl  made a batch of soap.  They had picked up the beef they had butchered and she had  asked to have the fat saved.  She usually saves all of her fat from cooking to make soap.  She rendered the fat down over the outside fire pit.

After  it was rendered and strained she was ready to make soap today.  First she mixed  the lye into the water.  It forms a chemical reaction and gets very hot. 

She then mixed the fat into this mixture until all the fat melted.   She also added some soy oil to the mixture.

She added bees wax  to the mixture that she had melted in a double boiler after it had been strained.
We poured the mixture into the molds.  Tomorrow we will be able to take the soap out of the molds and cut and let them cure for three weeks before she wraps them.


They have just gotten six little kids ( goats).  The have to be bottle fed three times a day.  I have helped the girls do this. 

 They also just got some chicks and turkeys to raise

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