Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life continues at the Holcomb's

Yesterday we went into Nampa.  Josie had her project to turn in and give her report.  We did some shopping and errands runs while she was busy.  The four of us had lunch at Costco.

 Last evening we just spent time in the living room relaxing and spending time together.
Josie and Emily
Cheryl and Harold

 The kids (goats) are all eating good.  One didn't eat well for a couple of days.  He got brought into the shop for a couple of nights.

 RaeAnne with Thunder and Lightening

Josie with Mr. Spall and Captian Jack Sparrow

Emily with Sebastian and Gregory

We went into Nampa tonight with Harold and Cheryl and ate at the Mongolian BBQ.  I’m not as hungry as I was, that is for sure.

Loading up our bowls
Cooking our food

Cheryl and Howard picked fresh asparagus and we are going to have it for dinner tomorrow. 

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  1. The food was delicious. Thanks for the great evening.



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