Monday, June 24, 2013

Michigan - Down Memory Lane, Big Rapids

We drove up to Michigan from No.KY.  We were going to my Mom's Celebration of Life Service.  Erin flew in from CA, Laurie, Brett and Daria flew in from east TN and Matt, Amy and Abigail caravaned with us.


On Wednesday we drove over to Big Rapids.  My folks moved to Big Rapids from Mt. Pleasant when I was a senior in high school.  Dad started teaching at Ferris Institute, now called Ferris State University.

This is the house we all lived in.  Mom and Dad rented it for several 

 years.  This is the house I lived in when Howard and I got married.

This is the church we were married in.  First Baptist Church of Big Rapids.  The old sanctuary is gone and a new one is there, but this is the CE building we had our reception in.

Erin and Laurie

We ate lunch at Mill Creek Park.  We had ring bologna, cheese and Ritz crackers.  We always get that when we go to Michigan.  It was our lunch when ever we traveled.
Abigail and Grandpa.  Abigail traveled very well  while we were gone.

Our kids have memories of walking to the DQ and getting cones when they visited Grandma and Granddad. We had to stop and get one at the same DQ they went to.  We did not have DQ's in California.

When Erin was a baby Mom and Dad bought their first house.  This is the house our kids have memories of visiting.  It is not as well kept up as when they lived there.

We then walked downtown.  There was always a fountain downtown that was from a artesian well  It was still there.

 On our way out of town I saw this sign.  I had to get  a picture of it for my friend.  He is always teasing me about calling soda or coke, pop.  He says Pop was his father in law.  But pop to me, is a beverage!

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