Saturday, July 6, 2013

Anchorage Alaska

This has been a week in transition.  We arrived in Anchorage early morning on July 3rd.  Ron and Phyllis picked us up and took us to the Nashville airport. 

Ready to start our summer adventure in Alaska
Ron and Phyllis took us to the airport when we left to come up last year.  Ron is waving good-bye to us.  Maybe he is thinking good riddance!!

It was two o'clock Alaskan time before we got to bed, and that is 4:00 am Central time!  It was a short night!

A lot of changes have been made this year at Calvary Baptist church here in Anchorage.  There were two more showers installed, so now the women have four showers to use. The dining hall had permanent walls put installed in place of folding accordion dividers, and a new floor put down in the dining hall. It looks very nice.

We have been asked to serve in Wasilla this summer.  They needed a cook up there to serve for GraceWorks.  After breakfast Jay Knight, our director in Wasilla took us up to see the church we will be working in.  They have a very friendly staff and a wonderful kitchen.  Howard really liked what he saw.

After talking to the staff Jay drove us around Wasilla to show us where some of the stores are where we will be doing some of our shopping.

We came back to Anchorage and I had two rooms to set up for people coming here into Anchorage.  Part of the staff were down in Homer for a staff break.  Howard gave the cook here a break also.
Thursday, 4th of July, Howard fixed hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and brownies for dessert. We were only feeding about  12 people.  We made a Walmart run for supplies that we needed.  I had also lost half of my power cord for the computer and my mouse.  After looking all over several times I decided to buy a new power cord for the computer.  It cost $55.00!  When I tried it on my computer none of the adapters fit!!

Friday I went to Walmart to get some fresh fruit and yeast for Howard before breakfast. I returned the power cord.
We made another trip to Wasilla with some food and supplies we had bought.  Wasilla is an hour north of Anchorage.  When we were unpacking things in Wasilla, Howard had a bucket that he had carried things in.  Guess what was in it?  My computer cord and mouse.  I was one happy camper!!  Friday night Scott and Connie had invited us over for supper.  It was delicious.  We had a nice evening talking and spending time together.  When we got back to the church Melissa, Tom, Jay and Jerry were taking care of the halibut that was caught down in Homer when the staff went down.
After the halibut is washed, Melissa dries it very well.  She puts it between towels to get a lot of the moisture out of it.  Tom cut it into four- or five-inch pieces and Jay sealed it with a vacuum pack.  Jerry then weighed it and wrote the weight on it and it went in to the freezer.  They will use it for the Tuesday night Alaskan dinners.

Today is Saturday.  We went down to Costco and got some things for Wasilla.  Today was also staff meeting day.  We had a Wasilla staff meeting and then went back up to Wasilla to take care of refrigerator and freezer things.  I also got our beds made and our room somewhat set up.  We will be staying at First Baptist Church in Wasilla, along with the teams that will be coming up every week.

Our plan is to be up in Wasilla for church service tomorrow and then I will spend the afternoon getting the rooms ready for our teams that will be coming in tomorrow night.  

I will probably not have internet access for a couple of days.  I should be able to get online Monday after the church office opens and I find out their password.

Our temps have been in the mid 50's.  We have had mostly overcast skies.  I guess a couple a weeks ago it was in the high 70's and 80's.  That is not the norm.  People up here were complaining how hot it was.

I took this picture at 10:30 last night to give you an idea at how light it is.

Please be in prayer as we start this five weeks working in Wasilla.  We are excited to be working up there.  It is a much smaller group.  There are two parks in the area that where we will be serving.  Please be praying for us and all the teams that come up to minister to the families in the area.


  1. Excitement is building. Keep up the good work.

  2. I am praying you are all safe. I love that you are serving Jesus Christ. i think of you guys when i'm at work. lol :)

    I Love you Both


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