Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Week in Wasilla

We have finished our first week in Wasilla.  It has been a busy week!  Last Sunday morning we left  Anchorage after breakfast and drove up to Wasilla to stay.  We are staying at First Baptist Church of Wasilla. A couple of ladies in the church took us out to lunch after church.  It was nice to get to know them.  Carolyn is the church receptionist.

Our teams are all housed here also.

We had 32 team members here plus five staff people.  We have a room all set up and it is very comfortable.

After lunch Howard starting getting the kitchen organized.  I set up the rooms for the teams to stay in.  It took me quite a while to blow up 32 air mattresses and decide how many people to put in each room.  It won't be as hard this next week, because the mattresses are all blown up!

Tuesday night we are following the tradition that GraceWorks Anchorage does.  We are having the Alaska food.  We start out breakfast with pancakes and blueberry syrup and reindeer sausage.  For dinner we had.....

Halibut Olympia

Grilled salmon

Boiled red potatoes

Cabbage salad

Cheddar cheese biscuits (Anchorage makes hush puppies)

It sure makes a nice looking plate.  It tasted very good also!!

We have spent quite a bit of time shopping this week for food and equipment that we needed.  We primarily shop at Three Bears (have a lot of Costco items), Walmart and Fred Meyers (Kroger down there).

We fix lunch for the teams on Monday and Friday;  Tues--Thurs the teams pack their lunch and take it with them.  

On Thursday morning one of the teams that has been going to Palmer went out to their park and cleaned it up.  We drove out to see what they were doing.  It looked very nice.

We drove around the area a little bit.  It is beautiful. Here is a field of produce.  Isn't it beautiful with the background of the mountains?

I love this picture of the farm with the mountain in the background!  
Palmer is where the Alaska State Fair is held.  Some year I would love to be up here for it.

The team going to Palmer had their block party Thursday.  They go over to the park every day,  We feed the kids a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and give them pretzels and a drink.  They do different activities with them.  On Thursday nights we have a block party in Palmer.  We have free hot dogs and chips and drinks for the kids and parents.  We will do this for four more weeks.

This team did a puppet show at the block party.

Friday night was the block party for the Wasilla Wonderland Park.  We also have a team going there every day.  Howard and I went to both of the block parties for a few minutes.  We were able to talk to different people and explain to them what GraceWorks does.  

Jack was one of our team member's son.  He had his face painted.  The team members' kids provide a natural opening sometimes to talk to kids and their families.

We found these one morning from one of our team leaders.  It was so thoughtful of Anna.

The church has a sanitizer, but it hasn't been used in a LONG time.  It was not working.  A couple of our staff people from GraceWorks got it working.  It is wonderful.  We are using plates, glasses and silverware here because the church has them and it cuts down on waste and cost.

We wash the dishes and put them in the sanitizer and the water heats up to 195 degrees in 45 seconds and then it rinses them for 10 seconds.  They come out all sanitized and HOT.  It makes doing dishes so much faster!

Our teams all left today for a sightseeing trip and will be flying home tonight.  I spent the morning getting the rooms set up for Sunday School tomorrow.  Howard cleaned up the kitchen and took care of things so it won't interfere with church tomorrow.
We also went to do laundry.  That was Sticker SHOCK.  It cost $3.50 to do a load of laundry.  We then used an extractor to take out a lot of the water.  That cost $1.25.  Then the dryers were $.25 for three minutes.  We did our laundry, some bedding, and towels from the kitchen.  We spent a little over $25.00!

Carolyn, the church receptionist, brought us some rhubarb from her place.  I cleaned and cut it up tonight and froze it.  We will have rhubarb pie sometime while we are here!

That about finishes up our first week.  Tomorrow after church I again have to set up rooms for the teams coming in tomorrow night.
We have had beautiful weather.  It's been mostly in the 70's, but today it was in the 80's I think.  We wonder why we brought jackets up!  But, that could change.

Continue to pray for us to have energy and to have servant attitudes as we serve the teams coming up.  Pray for the teams as they contact with people in the park and share Christ with them.

Some of you have said that you had trouble viewing our pictures.  If you go to my blog you will see everything there that I have posted.

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