Sunday, July 28, 2013

Third week in Wasilla

We have finished our third week here in Wasilla.  It was a busy week.  We had teams here from St. Louis, MO, Cleburne, TX and The Hawaii Kai church in Hawaii.

We try and make chapel everyday.  Usually one of the teams does chapel.  The team from St. Louis, did their bible lessons in the park everyday by doing a skit.  So they did the skit for chapel.  It was the story of the lost sheep and the shepherd looking for the lost sheep.  They had made white hoods with ears to look like sheep.  This way the kids could participate.  So, that day they had the adults in chapel participate and become sheep.
Tuesday morning the teams went to the Iditarod Trail Headquarters.  We decided to go out also and then stopped at Fred Meyers to do some grocery shopping on the way home.  It was a very interesting place to visit.

 They have a lot of the puppies out there for training.  They like people to pet them so they get used to human handlers for the race.  Here are some of the dogs hitched up to a four-wheeler in which they will pull some people around the grounds.
 The trail runs from Anchorage to Nome.  It is 1100 miles long.  There are two different routes that are used.  The northern route is used on even years and the southern route is used on odd years.  The route varies about 10 miles.
It has been a race every year since 1978.  It starts the first Saturday in March.  GraceWorks has three weeks of teams that come out to help with the race.  They help with parking and anything else the race needs help with.  It is a cold time of the year to come up.

The dogs all wear booties on their feet.  This tree has several booties hanging on it, and it looks like a Christmas tree!
The rest of the week was pretty routine.  Cook the meals, do the dishes, clean up the kitchen, clean the bathrooms, and go grocery shopping.  Most nights we are in bed by 8:00.  Pretty sad isn't it?  We are in a room with no windows, so it is dark.  We do hear the teams when they come back in at night, but we have gotten used to it and it doesn't bother us.
Saturday the teams are all out of here by 8:45.  Yesterday I brought all the table things to the kitchen and made sure they were wiped off and filled: peanut butter, Nutella, honey, butter, pilot bread, napkins and salt and pepper.  I made sure all the tables were wiped off and dried.  Howard did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.
When we were done with the kitchen, we went into the rooms that the teams slept in and vacuumed and put tables and chairs in for SS.  After church today we will take down tables, and put our air mattresses, pillows and blankets.
We will do food shopping this afternoon, to get started for this week.
While we were cleaning yesterday two of my cousins and their spouses came in. They are touring around Alaska in their motor home.  They went to the Iditarod headquarters while we finished our work.  
We drove them over to Palmer to see the farm land.  Butch is a farmer in Illinois and I knew he would be interested in seeing the area.

We walked right by this tractor and then Butch pointed out the steering wheel.  Notice how it is connected to a wheel on the back.  Probably a wagon is hitched up to the tractor and then it can be steered from the back.

We liked this sign at one place.

 Cousins:  Linda, Butch, Betsy and Rick
Fire weed is in bloom all over this time of year.  It is so pretty.

Last night we were treated to dinner at Evangelo's.  It was delicious, and it was fun just sitting and talking with family.
We talked some when we got back to the motor home and then we headed to bed.  We did manage to stay up a little later last night.

Pray for the teams coming in tonight.  Pray for all the staff and their stamina.  It's been a great staff up here, but we are all getting tired by the end of the week!
I'm hearing good things are happening in the parks, so keep praying!

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