Monday, August 26, 2013

Leaving Idaho

We have just spent a week plus with Cheryl and her family in Wilder, Idaho.  It was good to see these grandchildren.  
It was peach time.  The peaches were ripe and we had them everyday.  I will miss having them when I get home.
 Cheryl is working now, so I tried to help her as much as I could.  I canned several quarts of peaches for her.  They will surely taste good this winter.

One evening we were invited over to Gary and Patti Rose's home.  They have recently moved here to Idaho.  They were friends of ours when we lived in California.  It has been years since we have seen them.  It was so good to catch up on our lives.

This is farming country around here.  Can you guess what crop this is?

Josie has become quite the cook.  She fixes the meals most days when Cheryl is working.  We enjoyed watching her work in the kitchen.

Emily helped her Grandpa by sewing on a button on his shirt.

Emily also had a quilt to finish up.  I helped her get ready to finish it.  We cut the binding and I showed her how to sew it on. (She doesn't like to sew like the other girls).

Grandpa and I helped her with the hand stitching on the binding.
Now it is finished!!

One night Josie had a friend over and they built a campfire.  We sat around the fire listening to Grandpa read a story.

There was a beautiful sunset that night. We've had a lot of smoke in the valley from the forest fires up north.

There is an Arabian Horse Ranch around here.  They have made several items from horse shoes.  They were interesting to see.

Howard needed to go to town and get some tennis shoes. We took Emily and Josie with us.  It was a fun day.
Saturday, Harold and Cheryl took Emily back to Pocatello to college. It's about 4 1/2 hours from here.
Sorry the picture is out of focus.  I guess I was out of focus at 6:00 am!   This is Emily's second year.  She is going into nursing.

RaeAnne lives in town now, but she came out and spent Friday night.  Saturday we  went into town and went to see "The Lone Ranger" with the girls.

Josie, Grandma and RaeAnne

I feel a little short between them!!

Josh is working at the airport.  We did see him one evening and morning.  He is going to come out to the airport to see us before we fly out.  Cheryl brought us early as she had to work.

Well, tonight we will be sleeping in our own bed!  We will probably get home about 11:00 tonight.
It has been a great summer!  
Thanks again for your prayers.  We appreciated that very much.  We are so thankful we could volunteer with GraceWorks in Wasilla this past summer. 

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