Monday, September 23, 2013

Life since we got home

We flew home from Idaho on the 26th of August.  Of course Tennessee had a nice summer while we were gone, but we came back to 90+ degrees.  It was good to see family and friends again.
We had the couple over that mowed our lawn while we were gone.  We fixed the Alaskan meal we fix every Tuesday night while the teams are in Alaska.  We had halibut Olympia, salmon, coleslaw, parsley-buttered red potatoes, and cheddar biscuits.  We so appreciate Gene's lawn mowing while we are gone.

Sept 10 we received a call from our good friend, Anne Whiteman.  Dick had gone to sleep Monday night and work up in the arms of Jesus early Tuesday morning.  It was a shock to all of us.  It's at times like this that you know your hope is in the Lord!

We went to International Friends at church that morning, and then came home and packed and headed over to Arkansas.  We went part way that day and drove into Anne's on Wednesday.  Her and Dick's families came in that day and the next.  There were six of us that have been friends for over 50 years.  Barb lost her husband, Walt, five years ago.  Barb and her new husband of two years had planned a visit to Dick and Anne's the very day we arrived.  They have been touring the United States since early June.  The Lord's timing is great. We were thankful we were home to be able to go to Anne's.

We spent a week with Anne.  She is such an example of God's strength in hard times.
 This is Anne and her grandchildren.
We were able to go to Social Security with Anne and also to the bank.   We tried to help out where we could.  People brought over an abundance of food.  Her two bothers were there with some of their families and Dick's two sisters and some of their families.  Anne's son Joel lives near her and her daughter Jill lives near Toledo.  People stayed in lots of different places.  It was a great time of families getting together and spending time together.

 Barb and Darv celebrated their 2nd anniversary.  They took us out to eat that night!
We went to a place called Twenty Eight Springs, in Siloam Springs.  It had delicious food!
 Pork chop with bacon brussel sprouts
 A Thai salad with steak
 Pretzel bread.  Yummy.
 Don't know what we were laughing at but we certainly were!!
 Howard, Ann, Anne, Darv, Barb, and Steve and Debbie.  Steve is a nephew of Barbs and he and Debbie have been missionaries in Africa.  They live in Siloam Springs right now.
 Pecan pie
 Creme Brule

We came home from Arkansas on the 18th and Matt and Amy and Abigail came down on the 19th  for a visit.  We had not seen Abigail since June.  She has grown a lot.  Thank heavens for email and texting, because we have been able to see the changes in her through the months.
 Most of the time she is a happy girl.
 Interrupting Grandpa while he is studying.
 Amy Matt and Abigail
 It's nice to be able to sit up some of the time.
Grandma enjoys her too.

Auntie Rachel came over to babysit Abigail one night and we went with Matt and Amy to see Cinderella at the Lamp Lighter's Theater.  It was a good musical.

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