Friday, October 25, 2013

A Fun Day

I was home this morning, so decided to do something fun.  I also did laundry, and watched a neighbor's mother for awhile.

I decided to have fun and make some bread.  I usually make my own whole wheat bread.  I mill my whole wheat flour and we think it tastes really good.  Now, this might not be that unusual, but bread baking is something I've just done the last couple of years.  When we were first married I made some bread and Howard told me to never do it again.  (If any of you had tried it, you'd have told her the same thing!-note by Howard)  I went for almost 50 years and didn't try it again.  I've watched him and our daughters make bread for years.  I thought to myself, I can do that!
I also wanted to try some pretzel bread.  Some of my daughters and daughters-in-law have made it and it looked so good, so I tried my hand at that today also!

This is my whole wheat bread ready to put into the bowl and rise.

Ready to rise

It has risen!
Rising in the pans

Out of the oven!!

 Here is the pretzel bread ready to rise in the bowl.
 It needed to boil in baking soda water for about 20 seconds
 On the pan ready to go into the oven
Ready to eat.  We are going to have some for dinner tonight.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home Again, well sort of

Matt and Amy left on a Monday and we flew out to California on Tuesday.  We met Erin at the Van Nuys fly away.  We did get to go to a 5K race that Townsend was in.

Townsend is the first one out.  He came in 2nd place at 16:37 (I think).  Their team came in first in the meet.

David Townsend and Erin
Grandma and Townsend
We thought we were too late to get fresh field picked strawberries, but we weren't.  They were not as good as earlier in the season, but they were good.

We got to see some friends while we were there.  We had a great time with Jon and Karen Hoisington.  We raised our kids together.
Howard baked them some cinnamon rolls while we were there.  She put their stash in the freezer so they can enjoy them throughout the year.

We were able go to our church in Long Beach.  We enjoyed a great lunch afterwards  with Larry and Sandy Marsh.  They also had Jim and Cathy Parkhurst over.  It was such a fun afternoon.
We visited our dentist and got our teeth cleaned.  One of these days we will need to get a TN dentist, but this has worked out great to see Ray Brady.  We also had an appointment with our financial adviser. I used to work part time for him.

We spent a great time with our son John, Jeanie and Rebecca.  I really thought I got pictures of them, but I guess I didn't.  I did get a couple of shots of Rebecca.  We had a delicious dinner at their place.

We stopped to see our son Rick and part of his family.  They had lunch ready for us.  Yummy.
Zoe (great granddaughter), Charity, Devin (great grandson) Diana, Luke, Jacob and Rick.

Part of our time was spent watching Erin and David's children while they flew back to Indianapolis.  David was candidating at a church there for the position of Associate Pastor.  He is waiting for the vote this Sunday morning the 27th.

We had a good time with the kids.  Howard taught Colter (14) how to embroider.  He did a couple of dish towels to surprise his mother when she came home. He did very well.

McKenna and I worked on a sewing project.  She did the cutting out and some of the sewing.  She made an owl pocket pillow for her room.

We even got Clayton going on a thread project.  He took some embroidery thread and made his initials on a foam plate and then he did the Angel's plate.

When Erin and David came home the next week she fixed steak on a rock for dinner one night.  They had company over and we enjoyed a delicious meal.  You heat the stone for over 30 minutes and it cooks your steak when you sit down.  You just cut it into pieces and cook it as long as you like.  With the baked potato and salad and sauces it is very good.  Google "steak on a rock" if you are interested.

The time came for us to tell them all good-bye.
McKenna and Colter left for middle school.

Clayton left for elementary school.
Townsend came home for lunch from high school.
Erin told us good bye as David took us to the Fly Away to go to LAX.

We are now back and forth between our place and Larry's place in Nolensville.  Larry and Rachel are in Israel and we at there place staying with Zane part of the time.

What else are grandparents good for?

I have to show you a couple of picture of Abigail that Matt sent to us.
Matt calls this her old people look without dentures.
He hopes she is a reader like he is.
On her way to the library sale with Matt and Amy.  You think she's anticipating how many books she can get?  I know her Daddy was!

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