Friday, October 25, 2013

A Fun Day

I was home this morning, so decided to do something fun.  I also did laundry, and watched a neighbor's mother for awhile.

I decided to have fun and make some bread.  I usually make my own whole wheat bread.  I mill my whole wheat flour and we think it tastes really good.  Now, this might not be that unusual, but bread baking is something I've just done the last couple of years.  When we were first married I made some bread and Howard told me to never do it again.  (If any of you had tried it, you'd have told her the same thing!-note by Howard)  I went for almost 50 years and didn't try it again.  I've watched him and our daughters make bread for years.  I thought to myself, I can do that!
I also wanted to try some pretzel bread.  Some of my daughters and daughters-in-law have made it and it looked so good, so I tried my hand at that today also!

This is my whole wheat bread ready to put into the bowl and rise.

Ready to rise

It has risen!
Rising in the pans

Out of the oven!!

 Here is the pretzel bread ready to rise in the bowl.
 It needed to boil in baking soda water for about 20 seconds
 On the pan ready to go into the oven
Ready to eat.  We are going to have some for dinner tonight.


  1. Good for you, Ann! I'm proud of you. Didn't realize you had bought a mill. I've had mine since 1997, and it has ground many, many pounds of flour over those 16 years! Your bread looks great...enjoy! Wish we could be there to share a slice with you tonight.

  2. You go girl! Aren't you glad you tried again?
    It looks really good, hope it tastes good as well. You
    are a better woman than I. I am 0 for 0. :)

  3. Both breads look wonderful. Did you put butter and honey on the whole wheat loaf? Having never tasted pretzel bread I can not imagine the texture nor taste. I hope it was delicious.

  4. Well done! Those look delicious.

    Heidi K

  5. Mom,
    They both look good. Hope that you enjoyed the Pretzel bread. It sure doesn't last long around here.



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