Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Today started out very warm and balmy.  It did rain and then it let up. We went out and put the garland on the lamp post and the mail box.  After we came in it started pouring!  It has gotten cooler, but not cold enough for snow.

Howard helped me and we got most of our Christmas decorations up today.  We have never done this much in one day before.  The tree is up and the lights are on it, but no ornaments.

These used to be Mom's houses.  She gave them to me several years ago.  Matt has the ones I did when he was small.

Howard made the frame and I cut out the figures. We made these while we were living in CA

 I've always loved these simple cutouts.

This cabinet is by our entry way. It is an old one from Howard's folks.

 The white Christmas trees were new last year.  Mom got them for me.  She never got to see me use them.  I took pictures last year for her to see them.
These glass blocks were a gift from Erin one year.  They are my favorite.

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