Saturday, December 7, 2013

Decorations are done

I did finally get the tree decorated.  Howard did help me put the lights on.  It is so tall that we need a ladder to get the top ones on.

These are a few of the special ornaments that we have.
Our International Friends get these for us every year.  They are Wendell August ornament.  I really like them.

We got this the year we went to Virginia for Matt and Any's wedding.
This ornament Larry got for us several years ago.  It is TN made

This ornament we got in Alaska.  It is made from clay and then fired.  The streaks don't come out until it is fired.
Another Alaska one.
This is one of the glass bulbs that is painted on the inside.

From Thailand

Our outside is done.  We do not put up lights.  The sled is one Howard had as a kid.

No snow right now.  Maybe before Christmas.

Our dining room table
Cookbook cabinet in the kitchen.

My window sills in the kitchen.  Kid friendly.  I always let them play with them.

The reason for the season.  Howard bought this for his mother when he was in college.  It's the one all my kids remember having.

I just found out this is a Thanksgiving cactus.  I never knew there was such a thing.  The leaves are different from a Christmas cactus.  My sister, Judie, is the one that told me.  That is probably why it always blooms at Thanksgiving.

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