Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remembrance Service

Back in November I got this invitation from the funeral home that took care of Mom.

I told Howard I really wanted to go. I had not idea what it would be like.  I was really glad that I went.  It was a cold rainy afternoon.  There were a lot of people that came.

 Here is the program that they had.

I didn't know the first song that was sung.  The speaker was introduced.   He talked about memories and sometime they make us happy and sometimes sad.  He talked about his Granny.  Talked about having Christmas as her house.  She was not a wealthy person and talked about some of the gifts he got from her and his Christmas stocking and what was in it.
He then said that the most priceless gift that she gave him was her faith in Jesus Christ.

He said that Christmas is about God giving his Son so that we could have life abundant.
The soloist sang Silent Night and O Holy Night.

Mom would have been pleased with the message.

Afterwards they had a nice reception.  I'm very glad I went.  It kind of finishes out this year with her gone.

What a Mom she was. I'm very thankful to have had her for my Mom.

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