Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Josie's visit

On January 13th one of our granddaughters came for a visit.  Josie lives in Wilder, ID.  She had a J term paper she was doing on the Bicentennial State Park Mall in Nashville.  She was able to get pictures and present her paper to her teacher.

One reason the mall was built was to save a view of the state capital.  It was being taken over by tall buildings.

The line by Howard shows how far the water reached in our 2010 flood.

Flags at one end of the mall.

Large granite map of the state of Tennessee.  Very interesting to walk the length of Tennessee.  You will see La Vergne where we live.
Josie standing at the other end of the mall where the carillons are located.  When you stand in the middle and talk, it sounds like you are speaking into a microphone.

This is the WWII memorial
On Saturday the Amelungs came over to see Josie.  Hannah and Josie are about the same age.  They loved seeing each other again!

We played games when everyone was here.

 Daria, Noah, Josie and Hannah

Grandma even one the game of Ticket to Ride!

Josie, Hannah and Chase
The Amelungs
Daria, Hunter, Hannah, Noah, Laurie, Brett and Chase

We went up to Indiana and N. KY to see family so Josie could see them.
We had a truck load.  Kaneversky's had to leave some of their Christmas presents here because their car was so loaded when they left.

Grandpa had time to read to Clayton before school

Clayton dresses a little differently than So. CA.
My cousin, Nancy and her husband, Ken came to visit us one afternoon.  It was good to see them.
Josie and Auntie Erin.  We left Erin's home at a wind chill of -21.  It was cold!!

We drove 2 1/2 hours to visit Matt and Amy for a couple of nights.
 Grandma and Abigail
Abigail has cut her first tooth, so she likes sticking her tongue out  to feel it.

She is learning to sit up now.
Grandpa made this toy chest for Abigail for Christmas.  We took it up to her, as well as the high chair that used to be Matt's.
Amy, Abigail and Matt

Wall to wall sleeping at Matt and Amy's apartment.

This is what greeted us Saturday morning as we got up to prepare to leave.

 I think they got 4 - 6 inches of the white stuff.

Do I look like I'm getting ready for Alaska when we go up in February?
We weren't sure we would be able to drive home on Saturday, but the snow let up and we had a good trip home.
We stopped at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, so Josie could see it.

The cabin is inside this building.  It has 56 steps leading to it to represent his 56 years.

Josie in front of cabin.

When we got back in town we took Josie to Five Guys to get a burger.

Josie and I were able to get this puzzle done.  

We took Josie to the airport Monday morning.  It was a fun visit.  So thankful for all the family we were able to spend time with.

 Howard is growing a beard to get ready for Alaska this winter.

Until our next adventure!

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