Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dog Mushing

Well since we got back from Willow, it has pretty much just been the same.  Get meals ready, and go shopping when we needed to.  We did get a treat on Tuesday.  The Iditarod committee gave each of the volunteers a free meal at Golden Corral.  All the teams met there for lunch on Tuesday.  It was a nice break for us.

Thursday was the last day for the teams here, so it was a fun day.  New teams come in tonight and this weekend.  The fun part of the day was a trip up to a place west of Wasilla where we could go dog mushing.  We had the kitchen all cleaned up and lunches packed and ready to leave by 9:00 am.

We stopped first at the Wasilla Iditarod Headquarters.  We had gotten snow on Wednesday, so all the trees were beautiful.

After looking around there we went out to the dog kennels where we were able to mush a team of dogs.  G.B. Jones explained the sled to us and how to mush the team.  He has actually been in the Iditarod and completed the 1000+ miles a few times.  The last time he did it was 2011 when he was 65 years old.

You always have your feet on the brake until you are ready to go, then you put your feet on the runners of the sled. This person has their feet on the brake.

This is Howard getting ready to mush.  I took a video of him.

This is me mushing the team.  G.B rode in the basket when I drove the team.

It was 23 degrees today.  The sun was out and it wasn't too bad.  We were bundled up well, tho.

After we were all done Howard and the others helped kennel up the dogs.

We stopped back at First Baptist Church of Wasilla and ate our sack lunch there while we talked to Carolyn, the church Secretary.  It was good to see her again.  We will go back there in July and August and cook for the teams.

Tonight we helped with an airport run to take a team back to the airport.  This is the view we saw coming home.

The sunset was beautiful when got back to the church.

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