Friday, March 14, 2014

Last week in Anchorage - winter 2014

The time is almost over for us this winter, cooking for GraceWorks.  We've had two teams here this last week along with a family that came from Massachusetts.  It has been great to meet the people on the teams.

The Minnesota team left at 3:35 am this morning.  When we came down to the kitchen there were notes all over the kitchen, plus this big note.  This team was from University of Northwestern in St. Paul.  It is my alma mater, only it was called Northwestern College in Minneapolis then.

Connie, Scott's wife took us to the Alaska Medical Center yesterday.  The artifacts and crafts there are wonderful.  I'm just including a few of the pictures for you to enjoy.

These are water containers made from the lining around the moose heart and bladder

Okay, I know you are wondering if we really did any cooking.  We cooked meals for the teams that came up to do ministry.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of the food.  I'm including some pics now.  Some of them were taken after we started serving.

We put sandwich things out at breakfast time so the team members could pack their lunches for the day.

French toast for breakfast.
coffee cake
egg, potato, cheese and bacon breakfast
sausage gravy
pork loin
mashed potatoes
salmon ready to go in the oven
halibut Olympia
oriental chicken
cole slaw
glazed carrots
rice pilaf
crescent rolls

dinner rolls
fruit trifle

Guess what it is doing tonight?

We wanted to see it snow one more time before we left.

We can't thank you enough for those of you that have prayed for us while we were here.  We really appreciate all of your prayers.  We've appreciated the comments that have come in telling us you were praying for us.  Please do not stop.  We fly home tomorrow night and then will be home a few days and will leave to pick up our friend, Anne, in Arkansas and will be going down to Longview, TX  to cook for Missionary Tech Team's annual board meeting.

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