Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Couple Day Trips

Last week our neighbors, Mike and Tammy asked up to go on a day trip with them.  It was a beautiful day.  We went the back roads down to Sewanee.  The University of the South is in Sewanee.  It was a gorgeous campus.  The school is located on top of the Cumberland Plateau.  It is an Anglican campus.  There is a cross at one end of the campus, overlooking the valley below.

The view from here is so pretty.

It seemed like you could see forever
 Howard and Ann
 Tammy and Mike
Tammy and Ann

We then drove down to the campus.  The school was built in 1860.  It is styled after some of the schools in England.

The chapel was magnificent.  They were even practicing the pipe organ while we were there.  Oh what beautiful sounds!

The chapel

Part of the pipe organ

Some of the windows
Another view of the chapel and the carillon tower

The dining hall

 We drove to another look out point.
It was a very enjoyable day.  After lunch we drove back home, again by all back roads.

We also took another day trip and met Laurie and Brett half way from each of our homes.  We had a picnic lunch.

Marie ( Brett's mom) Laurie, Brett, Hannah, Daria and Howard.


Laurie and Brett had brought gifts to us from Italy.  This is a cheese grater that goes into an olive wood box.  This is a tasting spoon.  You stir the food with one end, then tip it to run in the other end.  It will cool the food and you can taste it from that end.  Very clever!

They got me a beautiful hand made bracelet and earrings.  I love it!  They also gave me a beautiful scarf.

The kids with their grandparents.

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