Friday, May 30, 2014

Birthday tradition

My Mom and Dad bought rocking chairs for their grandkids when they turned one.  Laurie was their first grandchild.  Our first four kid's rockers were the same.  About the time that I was expecting Matt, Dad changed plans and he started making the rockers.  He had a chair that he copied and put rockers on it for my nephew, Brian.

We decided to keep the same tradition.  Howard makes rockers for our grandkids when they turn one.  He got Abigail's done this week.  She turned one on the 28th.  The chair comes apart in four pieces.

He made Abigail's out of cherry.  We do not stain cherry.  It naturally turns darker as it get older.

It is my job to do the finish sanding and to put the finish on it.

I use a wipe-on polyurethane.  I like the way to goes on and the look of it.

The finished product.  We will take it up to Erin's in June.  I think Matt and Amy will come over for the day.

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