Friday, May 16, 2014


Well, guess what?  We are back to camping with a tent!  We sold our fifth wheel a couple of years ago and bought a tent.  This is the first chance we've had to try it out.  We left Laurie's and drove to meet Matt and Amy in east KY.  We camped with them at Big South Fork for five days.
Our home away from home!
Matt, Amy and Abigail's tent.

This is the first they have camped with Abigail.  She did very well.  She is a trouper.

It was quite warm during the days, but the nights were very cool.  It was great sleeping weather.

 We brought over some birthday presents. Abigail turns one on May 28th.
This is some silverware for Abigail that Howard got for her.  Howard's folks always got our kids silverware when they were little.
I made Abigail a quiet book.  She will grow into it.

Abigail loved to be carried around when we hiked.

The dogwood were in bloom when we were there. 
Saw a couple of luna moths at the campgrounds
We enjoyed picnicking and going to different places.
One day we had ring bologna, cheese and crackers.  I think you have to grow up in Michigan to appreciate the ring bologna.  We always had it  traveling.  Matt can get it in his area.  It tasted so good!

We drove up to the the Cumberland Falls one afternoon.

It is such a beautiful falls.

One day we hiked to Yahoo Falls.  It is the highest falls in KY.  It is 113 feet.  We decided to take the steps down and come back on the trail.  We were glad we chose to do it that way.  The steps were very steep and it would have been a hard climb back up!! At least for this lady!

It was in a beautiful wooded area, and was nice and cool.

 Matt and Abigail

We had to ford this creek on our way back up.
Driving around one day we came upon a stand that was selling strawberries. They were really nice and sweet.  We had strawberry shortcake a couple of nights and some fruit salad.  Yummy!

Just some sights at the campgrounds.

Breakfast one morning.
 Pie Irons one evening.  We made hot sandwiches using the pie irons, and made dessert with pie filling using the pie irons.

You put the irons in the fire with the bread and fillings in the irons.  

We are hoping to repeat this trip in the fall.  Maybe with some more of the kids.

We went to the Blue Heron Coal Mining town.  This is the tipple that sorted the coal from several mines in the area.  It was interesting to read about the coal mining towns.

We packed up on Friday.  Matt and Amy were going on over to VA to her sister's college graduation.  Yes, he got it all in the car.

Abigail was hemmed in!

We were going to leave on Saturday, but rain was in the forecast so we decided to come home a day earlier.

We stopped at the Cumberland General Store on our way home.  We enjoyed walking through the store and eating in the 1950's diner in the back.

This was a single-dip cone!

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