Friday, May 16, 2014


Brett was helping a friend with a tour to Rome and Normandy.  He really wanted Laurie to go with him, so he asked us if we would come over and watch the kids.  Daria is 14, Hunter is 15, Noah is 16 and Hannah is 17.  Chase was there also and he is 21.  Brett's Nanny was there too  It was a full household!
They have a beautiful setting for their house. They are located in SE Tennessee in the town of Ocoee.

We did not actually see Laurie or Brett.  They left before we arrived and came home after we left.
Laurie home schools the kids so Howard put on his teacher's hat for the first week we were there and taught the kids.

We had lots of fun, too.  The boys and I played many games of Scrabble and Quiddler.  They are hard to beat.  I did once.  I also beat Chase in a game of Bananagrams.  That is almost impossible to do. Usually I come in last but enjoy playing the games.

Daria and I played lots of games of Garbage and Sorry.  She likes those games.  Hannah isn't really a game player.  She did help some in the kitchen and I worked with her on sewing.  She actually made a baby quilt all by herself.  I showed her how to square the pieces and sew them together. 

She sewed everything on a hand crank sewing machine.  Here is her finished product.

There is an older gentleman in the area that does the quilting on a long arm quilter that he made.  He is very reasonable.

I  took the top I had pieced for Erik and had it quilted and then I put the binding on while I was over there.  I like the way it turned out.

Howard and I also did some baking.  

I also made bread a couple of times and hamburger rolls.

Daria and Hannah

Grandma and granddaughters

Nanny and Noah
Hunter reading on the deck

Hannah got some more fabric for another baby quilt.  She finished it up the day we left.  I like how it turned out.  She will have it quilted now.

We took the kids out to the Snack Shack the night before we left.

Noah, Hannah and Daria had shakes.

Hunter had a banana split.

Howard and I had cones.

It was a good two weeks we had with the kids.  We have never spent two weeks at one time with them before.

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  1. How blessed you are to have an opportunity to spend time with your grandchildren...and how blessed they are to have wonderful grandparents!


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