Monday, June 30, 2014

Idaho visit

We had very dear friends (Jim and Juanice) pick us up at 4:30 am on the 24th and take us to the airport.  Sometimes I wonder why I make the reservations I do.  Larry had assured us that for a six o'clock flight, that 5:00 was plenty of time.  We were at the airport a little before 5:00.  It was a zoo!  I had done a mobile check-in so didn't have a bar code so had to wait in line.  When we got to the check in, they put these tags on our suitcases.  

Not a good thing to see.  She told us that our suitcases might not make it.  Thankfully they were in Boise when we got there.
RaeAnne picked us up from the airport.  She had arranged her work schedule so she could do that.  We were very appreciative for that.

Josie has been picking raspberries and selling them to build up her college fund.  She made some raspberry jam that afternoon.

The next day Howard and I helped her pick.  

Howard has gone out a couple of times this week to help her.  She sells the flats for $25.00.  I think that is a good price.

She has been picking four or five flats every other day. She usually sells out.
I love fresh raspberries.  I've enjoyed having some.

This is  raspberry cobbler ready to go in the oven.

Howard made some raspberry rhubarb tarts one day.  This is the recipe we had at Erin's.

 Harold is cutting the alfalfa.
The tractor is ready to rake the alfalfa when it dries.
McKenna had a head wrap to put on your hair when you wash it. I copied the pattern and made one for Josie 
 and Emily. I also made one for Cheryl.

RaeAnne came out and spent a couple of nights here.  Grandma is giving her some words of wisdom!!

Grandma, RaeAnne and Cheryl

This has been a different visit, because Cheryl Harold and Emily are working.  We've spent a lot of time with Josie.  She is such a help, usually has dinner ready when everyone gets home.  I've tried to help her with that this week.

Saturday, Cheryl was home, so got to spend some time baking.  They had a potluck at church yesterday, so she wanted to make rolls.  She made some crescent rolls. She and Howard rolled them out.

I've been baking a lot of bread.  Everyone loves it for sandwiches.  Cheryl just does not have the time.  I got four loaves done today to put in the freezer.

I love putting clothes on the clothesline when I do laundry.  Got to do that today with the five loads I did.
 I've enjoyed playing games with the girls.  It's been lots of fun.

We hasn't seen Josh until tonight.  He came in about dinner time.  He and his room mate are going fishing tonight.  He is going to spend the night here, and then take us to the airport in the morning.  Josh works for Horizon Airline which is part of Alaska Airlines.  He got someone to cover his shift tomorrow, so he is hoping to fly with us.  Just have to wait and see if you gets on.

Tomorrow we fly into Anchorage.  We will be cooking for GraceWorks Alaska in Wasilla for July and part of August.  We will covet your prayers for us.  Pray for good health, strength and servant hearts.

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