Monday, June 30, 2014

Sister Visit

We came back home from Indiana on Wednesday and my sister, Becky and her husband, Keith came down for a visit on Friday.
Keith and Becky also make the rocker's for their grandchildren.  Their youngest grandchild turns one in July.  Becky had to make up several snow days, so she didn't get out of school until Friday.  They drove down (8 hours) that afternoon and evening when she got out of school.
Keith and Howard worked on a rocker for Elliott. 
They started out the mornings sitting on the patio drinking coffee.  ( not Howard).
Becky and I had fun hanging together.

We drove out to Percy Priest one night just at sunset.  We timed it perfect.

Larry and Rachel had us over for dinner Zane made a chicken dish.  It was very tasty.  
It was called Grilled Chicken Souvlaki.

He put the marinated chicken on skewers.  When it was grilled he put them in a bowl.  

We ate them on heated Naan bread.  It was a very tasty meal!!

Larry, Rachel, Keith and Becky.

It was a fast weekend, but so nice to have Keith and Becky come.

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