Saturday, July 12, 2014

Alaska Again

It is hard for me to realize that this is our 5th trip to Alaska.  It is a place I had always dreamed about going to!
We are cooking again, for GraceWorks Alaska.  We are in Wasilla again this summer

Our friend, Anne, came up this summer to help us cook.  Her husband, Dick went home to Glory, 10 months ago.  She has been looking forward to this trip for almost 10 months.  Dick and Howard were room mates in college.  We were at each other's weddings 50 plus years ago.

Before we got shopping done, we went out to eat.  We didn't have food to eat at the church yet.
Howard and Ann
We went to a Mexican Restaurant here in Wasilla.

We then introduced Anne to Three Bears and our shopping experiences.

Three carts full.
Glad I don't have this grocery bill at home!!

Getting breakfast ready for the teams
We have three teams up here this week.  One team is from River Community Church in Cookeville, TN, Calvary Baptist Church in TX and a couple from TX.

The perks of being the cook's wife.  Holding the pan while he mashes the potatoes.

 Fresh Salmon one night.  We also had Halibut Olympia.  I keep forgetting to take pictures.

Carolyn is the church secretary.  She has fresh rhubarb that we went out and picked. We have a couple of desserts we will make with it.
Cleaned, cut up and ready for the freezer.

We took a little trip yesterday afternoon.  We went over to Palmer.  Palmer was colonized in 1935 with farmers from Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The New Deal sent them up to Alaska to farm.  Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota were in a drought that year.
We went through a Colony House. The lady showing us through was 3 years old when her parents came from Michigan.  She was very interesting to talk to as we went through the house.

The homes were given to the farmers and they had 30 years to pay the government back.
We stopped at the Palmer Visitor Center.  These are some of the flowers that were growing there.

 pink poppy

Notice the bee I captured on the camera

The Palmer area is known for its agriculture.  I've always loved the setting for this barn.
These are a couple of shots around here in Wasilla.

Last night was our first block party.  We took some time and went over to the event.  There was a good turnout, even tho it was raining.

Tonight, Thursday, the staff had off.  When our teams have a free night they can choose to go out for dinner.  Both of the teams had tonight off and chose to go out and eat.  So that left the staff here alone.  We decided to go out and eat also.  We went over to Palmer and ate at, La Fiesta.  It was very good Mexican food.  This will probably be the only time it will happen this summer. The other weeks, we have three teams coming and they will not all have the same night off.
After our dinner we drove out to Port McKenzie.  None of us had driven out there.
Anne has not seen a moose yet.  We were hoping to see one, but we did not.

                                      Anchorage is right across the Knik arm of Cook's Inlet.

Today is Saturday.  The teams all left about 8:00 to do their sightseeing and then most of them were heading to Anchorage tonight to fly home.We got the dining hall cleaned up, the kitchen cleaned up and the rooms set up for Sunday School tomorrow.

We left about 10:00 and took off for Hatcher Pass. We wanted Anne to see some of the country.  Howard and I have never driven across Hatcher Pass.

We stopped at the Little Susitna River.  It is one of my favorite places to go.

We also stopped at Independent Mine on the way up.  We drove up that far last summer
It is an old gold mine.
We continued up the road to the pass.
The pass is often closed because of snow.  
This is July 12th.

We ate our lunch in the car.

You Michigander's know how we like our ring bologna.  This wasn't Koegel's but wasn't bad at all.  We got it at Three Bears Alaska where we do a lot of our grocery shopping.

It was a fun day.  We almost didn't do it because it had rained in the night.
You see these coffee shacks all over up here.  Anne wanted to get a latte from one, so we stopped to get her one.

I am always fascinated by these rows of mailboxes.  It's interesting to think about all the people that have houses back along these roads.
Tomorrow after church we will set up the rooms for sleeping.
Tomorrow afternoon we have a team of 30 coming from Diana, TX.  
Pray as we minister to these team members this week with our cooking.

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  1. Loved seeing familiar faces and places! Bless you all as you serve God in AK! (That rhubarb looks so good!!!)


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