Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our Second Week

Sunday night  61 degrees

I"m going to try and write something every night this week.  I may keep up with it, or a I may not.  It was a beautiful day today, although I never went outside.  It just dawned on me as I was writing this.

We started out the morning being able to relax some.  Church starts at 11:00 so we took our time.  Then we never stopped!  Church went a little longer than usual.  We had a team from TX come in last night.  They stayed in a motel in Anchorage.  They were picked up by GraceWorks and brought up to Wasilla.  I had to hustle to get rooms set up for them to sleep in.  I had most of them done when the teams got here, but not quite all of them.  Howard and Anne had gone to 3-Bears to pick up some items, and they were on the run!  

We fixed chicken enchiladas for dinner, along with salad, chips and dessert.  The church was having a movie tonight while we were serving dinner.  When we were done they came down stairs to have refreshments.

We have a team of 30 this week from Diana, TX.  They will be working in three places.  Amoosement Park in Palmer, Williwaw region here in Wasilla and Wonderland Park in Wasilla.

Monday 64 degrees

I hope this doesn't become redundant.   It was a long day today.  On Monday we make lunch for the teams.  We made biscuits and gravy and an egg, potato, bacon and cheese skillet dish.  For lunch we made taco soup and cornbread muffins.  This afternoon we had to make a Fred Meyer run.  We just don't have storage for everything.  For dinner tonight we had ham, twice baked potatoes, peas and carrots and home made rolls.  We had cupcakes for dessert.  It is 6:30 and dishes are done and the teams are sightseeing.  We are going to take showers and get our jammies on and relax a bit before we go to sleep.  Not a very exciting day, is it?

Tuesday  63 degrees
Have I bored you yet?  Our work is very exciting, isn't it.  Guess what we did after our breakfast of pancakes and reindeer sausage?  You guessed it, we went to Three Bears to do some shopping.  We also stopped at WalMart and picked up a few things.

The "cook" multi-tasks.

I also got my cleaning done.  We have a church janitor here some days, so I don't do everything.  I usually just wipe down the toilets, clean sinks and mirrors, make sure there is enough TP in the dispensers, and make sure we don't run out of paper towels.

Tuesday night is our "Alaska on a Platter" dinner.  I did remember to take pictures tonight.

Salmon on the grill.  Jay did manage to catch the grill on fire.  I didn't grab my camera quickly enough.  Here he is with the fire extinguisher.

Halibut Olympia
Buttered red potatoes
Asian coleslaw
Cheddar Cheese biscuits
Rhubarb custard bars

The teams had clinic in the park tonight.  Afterwards the pastor, Steven and his wife Dana invited the teams over to their place for a marshmallow roast and a time to play.  We went out for a little bit.  
It was a fun evening for the teams

Wednesday 65 degrees

Anne has not seen any wild life here.  She has really wanted to see a moose.  Carolyn,the church secretary said that she sometimes sees one in her yard.  We told her to call us if she sees one.
We got a call while we are doing dishes this morning from Carolyn.  She saw a moose and we took off.  She only lives about 2 miles from the church.

We did make a bread run to the bread store.  Our teams are using quite a bit in the park.  They feed the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when they first get to the park.

We had creamed chicken over biscuits and apple salad tonight along with the dessert of choc cake with a strawberry topping.

The temp that I post everyday is the the temp when I'm writing at night. It was into the 70's today.

Thursday  67 degrees

Another beautiful day.  Not much out of the norm today.  After breakfast Howard and Anne made a Three Bears Alaska  run and the bread store.  I stayed at the church and cleaned.  GraceWorks bought a new freezer for us to use.  Now, we won't have to make so many bread runs.  We feed the kids in the park every afternoon.  We feed them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so go through a lot of bread.  We also can buy bags of ice for our meals and have a place to put them.  Otherwise we were emptying ice cube trays all the time.  It will be nice for frozen things.  Hopefully we can cut down on our grocery story runs.

Friday  65 degrees
This was another beautiful day.  We did not leave the church today.  This is our busy day, because we fix three meals .Anne is a big help in the kitchen. She is a VERY early riser, so gets things done early!! I got my cleaning done this morning, because the teams were on a hike. I also did some laundry today and I got two additional tablecloths hemmed up.  We will be putting up two more tables next week.  We will have 15 more people here next week.  We use tablecloths made from Alaskan fabric.  

This is the fabric I got this time.

Saturday  55 degrees

The day started out rainy,  We fix a continental breakfast on Saturday mornings. We have yogurt, bagels, egg McMuffins, and fresh fruit.  The teams can get their lunches packed and eat breakfast and be ready to leave for their sight seeing day,  After they leave we have the rooms to set up for SS tomorrow.  We did get the back area of the dining room set up. This is where the men sleep.  We have it divided off.  We have 18 men in that area this week.  All of our other rooms have women in them. 
 We went down to Anchorage.  It was actually nice when we got there.We ate a halibut sandwich at White Spot Cafe.  It was very good.

We went to a couple of places downtown and also went to tent city. It is kind of like a flea market, but has some nice Alaskan made things.  We also went to Costco and Walmart and did some shopping.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.

Anchorage from Earthquake park.
Downtown Anchorage has some beautiful flowers

We stopped at the Ulu factory so Anne could get an ulu knife and bowl.

Before we left Anchorage we went to Wild Berry.  It is a neat shop.  Anne found a new friend there.
In fact we both did.

 We came home a back way.  It was raining as we came north, but there was a rainbow.  I couldn't capture the picture.  We did get this beautiful view of the Alaskan range.  (I think, it is the Alaskan range).

A beautiful view to end our day.

This week will be our biggest week.  We have 45 team members coming up. 19 of those team members are from our home church, Parkway Baptist in Smyrna TN.  We will appreciate the prayers this week!  Thanks for all of you that have written and said you have been praying

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