Saturday, July 26, 2014

This is our third week cooking here in Wasilla, this summer.  I did not do a daily  journal this week.  This is the week our Parkway team were up here.  It was great to see someone from home.

Here they are with the shirts that they will wear to the park the night of their block party.  The team arrived at different times on Sunday.
 Mondays are a full day, because we also serve lunch.  Monday night after dinner everyone drove up to Independence Mine.  We did not go, as we had gone up with Anne the weekend before and we are in bed long before they got home.

Tuesday, Anne stepped outside just to be in the sunshine. She noticed that something had gotten into the trash.  We went out and got it all picked up, just as the trash pickup came!

We needed to get a few things from Fred Meyers.  The only vehicle here, was the 1990 van called the "Moose"!  We decided to brave it and take it to the store.  I had to sit on a bucket in between the front two seats. 

It has a very unique glove box latch.

Our vans are all given animal names.  We have mascots in them.  Anne and I tried on the Moose hat.
The Moose is our block party vehicle.  It has the generator, bouncy house, and grill in it.  It also takes all the hot dogs, chips and drinks to the party.  We will sometimes grill 100 plus hot dogs.

Anne and I were discussing how we go all summer and never have a couch to sit on.  We just have the chairs and pews.  Fred Meyers has some furniture, so we decided to sit a spell.  (Not very long)

Wednesday we had friends from Southern CA that stopped by to see us.  They said they would only stay through supper if we would put them to work.  We did just that.  Larry and Sandy were from our home church in Southern CA.  We we did not know them until we went on a mission trip to Thailand in 2008.  They are dear friends.

On Thursday, Howard made pies for supper.  He made  Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Rhubarb and Pecan.

Everyone loves his pies.  He does not do this every week. It is too time consuming.

Thursday night was Parkway's Block party.  We drove over to Palmer to go to it for a bit.

Some of the people that came.

Nikki and her Dad

One of our team mates drew a lot of chalk drawing on the sidewalk.

These are our team members that are here.  It's been so good to see them this week.

Tammy  had a birthday this week
Friday mornings are free mornings.  We have breakfast a little later and don't have chapel until 11:15.  Our pastor, Bro. Dan got in and washed our dishes for us!  That was great!!

We are serving taco salad for lunch today.

On Saturday Anne Whiteman and Howard went on the sightseeing trip to the Matanuska Glacier.  Ann Graubner stayed at the church to get things done for Sunday morning.  She also got things ready for supper as our team was here for it and a new team came in late this afternoon.

Howard, out on the glacier.

Some of our team in the distance, hiking down to a lake at the foot of the glacier.
The fireweed is beautiful this time of year.

It has been good to hear back from some of you.  We always enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks again for your prayers.  We are starting to tire some.  Early to bed helps!!

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  1. The Parkway team look happy to be there! May the Lord bless the efforts of all there to reach people for Christ!


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