Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5th week in Wasilla

It hardly seems possible that we are doing our last week of cooking for GraceWorks summer of 2014.  
After church we heated up some left overs.  Howard and Anne went shopping and I stayed at the church setting up rooms.  We had teams coming in from Oregon, NC and SC.
Monday we cooked all three meals for the teams. Scott come up from Anchorage and greeted the new teams and explained GraceWorks to them.  He was filling in for Jay.
Tuesday was our Alaska Day again.  I got the coleslaw ready early because I needed to grill the salmon.   

We made blueberry yogurt pie for dessert;

Howard's room mate from college lives in Delta Junction.  Their daughter lives in Wasilla so Curt and Brenda come over for dinner.  They helped with the meal preparation, serving, and drying the dishes after dinner.
We went over to Steve (pastor here) and Dana's house after dinner and sat around the fire place.  It was a very relaxing way to end the evening.

This is what it is like to mix up meat loaf for 50 people.
 One morning for breakfast we had blueberry muffins,
 an egg, potato, bacon, and cheese skillet dish and

Thursday we had to take Bud and Trula (park host) over to meet their team in Palmer.  After we dropped them off we went to DQ and had their 5$ lunch.  We shopped and then came home and got ready for dinner and a staff meeting.

On Friday Anne and Howard had to shop and I started working on lunch.  We were having taco salad.

Nice lettuce this time of year.  Really solid heads!

We were too tired to go to a block party tonight.  After dinner was cleaned up we went to Walmart and got totes to pack our air mattresses away.

Saturday was our pack up day!  One of the teams had about 10 minutes before they left and really dug in and helped us.  We had to roll up all the air mattresses and put them in totes.  We also had to store all the blankets and pillows.  First Baptist did give us a storage place under a stair well, that really helped us.  We all worked hard all morning.  Anne and Howard worked in the kitchen, packing up our supplies.

We had bought steaks to grill for the staff.  I did than about 1:00.  We also had corn on the cob (Olatha).  It was yummy, along with some left overs.

 Ian (park host) Keith (janitor at the church) Carolyn, Secretary at the church, Trula and Bud, park hosts
Dana, pastor's wife, Christina, park host, Anne, cook and Howard, chief cook.  (Ann Graubner was taking the pictures!)

Late afternoon after everyone was gone, we decided to take a drive.  We just wanted to get out for a bit.  We drove out to Knik Goose Bay.

This boat was actually in the water before the 1964 earthquake.  As you can see it is now on land!

It was a beautiful night!
We pulled off the road to watch some people fishing.

We were close to the dog kennel that we went to in March when we got to mush a team of dogs.  We found the place and were talking to the owner. GB actually had done the Iditarod a couple of times.  He enjoyed us stopping and talking to him.

Some of the pups there.  They are about 3 months old.

One of the things we find amusing here.  We see Dog Washes with the Car Washes

I was a nice way to finish up the week.  It has been a great summer cooking again for GraceWorks teams.  Are we tired? Exhausted!  Was it worth it? Absolutely.  Would we do it again?  We plan to.
There were many lives touched this summer with the love of Jesus.  Now the local churches will be filling in the gap.  

Thanks again for your many prayers!!

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