Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fourth Week in Wasilla

We started our fourth week with teams coming from SC, Washington and So CA. The Washington team came in Saturday night.  They were supposed to be going out to one of the villages, but the housing fell through.  That is why they were here a day early.
Sunday morning we fixed breakfast for the team.  They packed lunches and then went to the Matanuska Glacier.
After church Anne, Howard, and I went over to Palmer to lunch.  We had a burger at the Noisy Goose.  When we left there we went to Carr's for our fresh fruit and veggies.  On the way back to the church we went to Three Bears to get shopping done for the first part of the week,  As Howard and Anne took care of groceries I set up the rest of the rooms.  After that we went to Walmart and Target.  We finished off the evening with popcorn and apples.  We were in bed by 7:30.  This is pitiful, I know.
On Mondays we do all three meals for the teams.  The pastor from the NC team had to fly home.  One of the youth from their church was vacationing with friends and drowned.  It was a hard day for the team.
It was interesting to talk to the team from Buena Park, CA.  They lived not too far from where we lived in CA. They were scheduled to go to Haiti, but had to cancel because of the virus outbreak there.  I enjoyed talking to them this week.
I also watched Jay grill the salmon, because I will be doing it this week.  After dinner we went over to Pastor Steven and Dana's house to set around the campfire for a bit.  It was very relaxing.  Some of the teams came over after their clinic in the park.
After lunch Scott came up from Anchorage and picked up Jay.  Jay is our director here in Wasilla.  He is relocating to Orlando from Dallas.  He got a teaching job in Orlando and had to be there for teacher's meetings.  He had to go back to Dallas and load up his things and drive to Orlando to start work.  We will miss him.
Scott came up Thursday and we had a staff meeting.  I think things will run smoothly.  We will just keep on doing what we are suppose to do.
It has been a beautiful week.  The daytime temps have been in the 70's.  It was nice to put capri's on.  
We do all three meals on Fridays also.  We like to go up to chapel at 11 :15, because the teams share what has happened in the parks during the week.  We like hearing what is going on.
This was our Friday menu.

These are pictures of our supper.

One team left Friday night after the block party and the rest of the teams left by 7:45 am on Saturday.  They went down to Anchorage and went sight seeing with the teams from Anchorage.
I got the rooms ready for SS and Howard and Anne got the kitchen cleaned up.  We  took off for the day and drove up to Talkeetna.

We went north on Parks Hwy.  I don't think we've stopped for a train before while driving up there.
We stopped at the Birchworks where they make birch syrup.  It is a very different taste.  It does not taste like maple syrup. Maple syrup takes about 30-40 gallons of sap to make syrup.  It takes 110 gallons of birch sap to make a gallon of birch syrup.

They have some beautiful flowers growing around the building.

Before we got to Talkeetna we stopped at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge.  Someone had told us about it.  It is beautiful.

This is what I call a FIREPLACE!

The fire box goes through to the other side.  There is a deck you can go out on. If Mt. McKinley is visible, it would be a great place to view it.  Sadly it was not visible yesterday.

When we got to Talkeetna we went to the Denali Brewing Company for lunch.  They have a great burger and Howard loves the sweet potato fries.

Interesting bike rack made from old bicycles

We walked around and looked at the shops.  I did find a pair of ear rings I liked.  We always have to get an ice cream cone too.  The senior dip is just $2.00.  It is so yummy.
We stopped back by the lodge on our way home.  I looked at this beautiful quilt hanging on the wall.

We stopped at Alaska Bush Float Plane place.  The lake is so pretty.

Someone had told us about Miller's Ice Cream place in Houston.  We stopped there.  We were not really hungry, but wanted to try their ice cream.  It was good, but don't think it was as good as the cone we had in Talkeetna.

When we got back into Wasilla, we drove out to Lucille Lake so we could show Anne where Sarah Palin's house is.

We have three teams coming in this week.  We have 43 team members coming.  It is almost as big as our biggest week.  (Just 2 short).

This is First Baptist Church Wasilla where we stay, cook, and house the teams.

Continue to pray for us as we work this last week.  We will miss Jay, but I think things will go well.  We thank you for those that have sent notes.

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