Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Full Three Days

We have three days before Anne leaves.  We decided to pack as much into them as we could.
Howard got up earlier than I did to finish up his pies to take to a staff dinner.  
We drove down to Anchorage.  
We did a walk through Tent City to get gifts to take home.  Some of the vendors were not there, so we didn't find what we wanted.
We stopped by the Ulu factory.  Anne wanted to pick up a couple more sets.  We went to Wildberry also.
We went to the Fish Hatchery and looked around.

We had a staff cook out at Danny Davidson's house.  He is the pilot that takes some of the team members flight seeing.
 His wife has an interesting raised garden.  

It was a fun afternoon.  All of our Wasilla staff were there and some of the Anchorage staff.  Some of them had already flown home and lots were leaving that night to fly home.

We had made arrangements to go flight seeing with Danny.  We were to meet him at the Palmer airport on Monday morning at 7:00 am.  We got up early and were over there waiting for him.  We saw him come over but he couldn't land because of the wind.  He tried and then turned around and went back to Anchorage.
We went to The Noisy Goose for breakfast.

It was very windy when we came out of the restaurant.
We decided to drive up the Glen Highway for a ways and just enjoy the scenery.

We had discount passes for the Musk Ox farm.  We drove out there at 10:00 when it opened.
 The barn and house are one of the original Colony Houses and barns They have been added on since then.

These Musk Ox are domesticated.  The fur  (qiviut ) is one of the softest and warmest in the world.  They are not sheared.  In the spring they are combed to harvest the wool.  One skein of yarn costs $80.00.  Needless to say I didn't buy any.  The scarves cost $285.00.  I guess they are a lot warmer than even wool.
This calf was about 4 months old. They like eating the leaves from the fire weed.

It was an interesting tour.  We then drove by the Reindeer Farm.  We decided not to take the tour; just drove by the farm.

We went by the U-Pick farm we went to last year.

It was later in the year but we did find some Kohlrabi to pick.  We liked it so much last year.

And some Rhubarb so we can make one more pie.

We came back to the church and picked up Carolyn and went to see the movie, "100 foot Journey".  We all enjoyed it.  Why do we always do something with food???

Carolyn took us out to dinner at the Matanuska Family Restaurant. 

We came back to church and I put my July pictures on a memory stick for Anne.  

We called Danny early to see if we could go flying.  He said he would call back.  It didn't look good right then.  He called back in about 10 minutes and said we must have been praying, because it looked like the storm was blowing north.  We left and met him in Palmer at the airport again.
Coming in it get us.
It turned out to be beautiful.  We saw some bears, mountain sheep and several moose.  We flew over the Knik Glacier.  Danny flew very close to the mountain.  It was a neat experience.

 Danny Davidson
Anne, Ann and Howard

We drove back to Wasilla to pick up Anne's suitcases, and tell Carolyn goodbye.  We were going to take Anne down to Portage Glacier and down on the Kenai Peninsula.

 Beluga Point
It was getting cold and rainy!

We stopped at Bird Point

Even though it was raining and was cold we decided to go ahead and go on the ship to The Portage Glacier.
Inside the ship.
 We decided at one point to go up on deck and brave the wind and rain.
Anne and Ann
 Ann and Howard.

 The Glacier from outside.

We then decided to go inside and view the glacier from the window.

When we left the glacier we drove down to the Kenai Peninsula.  We drove as far as Summit Lake Lodge and ate a late lunch.  We turned around there and drove back to Anchorage.  We stopped at Calvary to have Anne check the weight of her suitcases and to dry our jackets.  We talked to Jerry and Melissa for a bit then loaded up Anne's things and took her to the airport. 

It was been a good six weeks with her.  She was such a big help.  God really blessed us.
We told her good bye and drove back up to Wasilla.  We will base out of here the next two weeks.
We are just going to rest and relax!!

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