Saturday, August 23, 2014

Glennallen and Valdez

Our plans were to leave Tuesday and drive across the Denali Highway.  It is 134 miles of dirt road, but beautiful country.
My back had started hurting Saturday night and Sunday.  We decided that we had better not go that route.  I spent Monday lying down with an ice pack and heat most of the day.  We had reservations for a B&B and moved it to Wednesday night instead of Tuesday night.

We left Wednesday morning and went east on the Glennallen highway.  Most of these pictures are just going to be scenery we saw on the way.  It was a beautiful drive.

I love to try and get reflection pictures.

This is the Matanuska Glacier that you can see from the road.  Our teams go there on their sight seeing trip and get to walk out on the Glacier.

This is the Matanuska River.

When we got to Glennallen we drove south down to Valdez.  It is a beautiful drive.

When you come into Keyhole Canyon, there are some gorgeous water falls.

This is Bridalveil falls.

Valdez is called "Little Switzerland" because of the mountains around it.

We didn't spend much time there, but were told we were very fortunate to be able to see the mountains.  A lot of the time they are covered with fog or rain.

We stopped at this falls on the back north.

This is Horsetail Falls.

Notice the rainbow I got in Bridalveil Falls on our way back out.

We also passed a Princess Lodge and stopped to look at it.  The mountain was obscured by clouds.

We had reservations at the Riverside B&B.  It had been a long day, so we were glad to get there.

Our place

 The main house is on the Copper River
 Main house

There was an eating place about a mile up the road.  We went there for dinner.  It was a quaint place.

When we left the Carriage House (place we ate) we saw this sight.

This is Mt. Sanford in the Wrangell Range.

We had a very pleasant breakfast Thursday morning  We had a fresh bowl of fruit, blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs.  The host of the B&B used to be a school teacher in the bush.  His wife also taught.  It was interesting to talk to him.

This is Mt. Drum
The Copper River.  Great salmon comes out of this river!!
We stopped at Ryan Lake on our way back to Wasilla.

We pulled off the road and this was our view from the back of the Tahoe as we ate our lunch.

We would definitely like to go back to the B&B sometime, maybe even spend a couple days next time and drive on up the road to Tok, even going as far as the Canadian border.  It was a very relaxing time for us.

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