Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kenai Peninsula

We got away a couple of days last week and went down to the Kenai Peninsula.

We spent the week end with our friends, Scott and Connie.  They have a cabin on the peninsula.  It was a wonderful place to just go and relax and visit.

We stopped at Summit lake again, but instead of having a meal we got an ice cream cone.  Moose Tracks for me and Wild Huckleberry for Howard.  The ice cream is sooo good.

We stopped at this neat store.  I did get a pattern there, that I would like to try.

Connie and Scott"s place.
 Howard, Scott and Connie

Saturday we all went over to Connie's sister's house for a french toast and bacon breakfast.  It was very good and it was nice to meet her sisters.  Her sister, Penny has a greenhouse.  We went in it.  

I guess that is about the only way to grow tomatoes here in Alaska.

Sunday morning we took Scott fishing on the Ninilchik River.  We did some sightseeing while he fished.

This is the Ninilchik Russian Orthodox church.  I wished it had been clear.  We would have seen beautiful mountains behind it across Cook's Inlet.

 This is what we saw!
 This is what we would have seen if it had been a clear day.

There was also a public beach near here.  We went down there and walked for a while.

This big tractor was moving boat trailers back; I imagine because the tide was coming in.  It is also used to launch boats out into the inlet.

We ate a late breakfast with Scott and Connie and left to drive back to Wasilla.
We have had fun stopping at the different Princess Lodges we have passed.  This one was along the Russian River.

We stopped at Summit lake on our way back, and split a hamburger and just had to have cones again.

We had meant to fill up the car with gas in Soldotna.  We completely forgot about it.  
That is a very foolish thing to do.  Howard realized we were between empty and 1/4 full.  We were not sure what it really was because the needle kept flickering up and down.  I started looking at my gas buddy.  Hope looked like it was the closest, but it would also put us out of the way, if they did not have gas there.  We opted to go to Hope.  It is off the main road about 17 miles.  We did find a station there.  We didn't even know if it was a working one.  It sure didn't look like it.  The pump was just off all alone.  A guy came out, and we had him put in $20.00 worth; it was $5.00 a gallon.  Better than running out.

I wanted to go to Hope.  My grandparents lived in Hope, MI.  It is located on the south side of Turnagain Arm.

We went back out on the highway and filled up the car when we got to Girdwood.  We took a little side tour there also.
There is a ski resort a couple of miles up the road.

We had no idea that there was such a big lodge up there.

These are the clouds that were ahead of us as we drove to Wasilla.

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