Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fun Weekend

Matt, Amy, and Abigail came down last weekend and spent time with us.  We had not seen them since Thanksgiving, and Abigail had changed so much!  She is saying quite a few words now.

They came down early Friday to miss the storm.  We had shopping to do at Costco.  Howard had a dinner fo fix at church for the men Sunday night.

Abigail spent some time just dragging around a couple of boxes.  She also loves carrying around tote bags with stuff in it.  Maybe she is born shopper.

We had potato cheese soup and taco soup ready when they got here. Since Abigail can't have dairy she had taco soup.  She had never had it before and she ate three bowls of it.  Nothing wrong with her appetite   

One lunch she had left over taco soup and pickles.  What a combination!!  She loves pickles.  I can't imagine a worse combination.

She loves to be read to.  Daddy reads to her before she goes to bed at night.

She loves playing with a keyboard.  I guess she is her grandfather's granddaugter.  He spent many years teaching typing.

Here she is with her fox.  She now says fox, but it was wolf for awhile.

We did get a game of Hand and Foot in before they left Monday.  I didn't get any family pictures.  I will have to do a better job next time.

The next time we see them baby #2 will probabaly have arrived.  They are expecting the end of April.
When Matt got home he asked the IT department at work, if they had any old keyboards.  He brought one home and now Abigail has her "own" keyboard.  She is trilled with it.

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