Thursday, February 26, 2015

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for our March trip to Alaska to volunteer with GraceWorks Alaska.  We went up last year, and they have asked us to come up again this spring and cook for the teams that come up.

We have been getting prepared for the frozen north by living here in TN.  We had quite the ice storm a week and a half ago.  In fact it was colder here than Alaska several days.

Today we woke up  to a nice snow cover.  It was a welcome change from the ice that took several days to melt.  This snow won't last long, as it is going to be above freezing today.

Notice the ice bump still on our patio.  It was very thick.
We had a lot of "ice damming" in this last ice storm.  The ice was so thick in the gutters, that it went up under the shingles on the roof.  As  the ice melted, the water leaked into houses.  We did not have it, but some of our neightbors did.

Our bags are packed and ready to go.  Now is the time to second guess what you are taking and decide if you need to leave something for add more to it.  :)  We are leaving Saturday morning and flying to Anchorage via Denver.  We will be in Anchorage about a week then will be driving 8 hours up to Fairbanks.  Because of the lack of snow in some areas of the trail for the Iditarod race, the restart is moving to Fairbanks instead of Willow.  We will be riding with the others with GraceWorks Alaska.  We will be in Faibanks two nights.  We will be cooking for our teams up there.

Fairbanks is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.  We hope we have the opportunity to see them this year.

We would appreciate prayers for our trip.  Pray for our stamina.  My back has been giving me some problems.  Yesterday I must have pulled a muscle, so it has been hurting.  I would appreicate prayers for a quick healing.

Next pictures should be from Alaska!!

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