Saturday, February 28, 2015

In Anchorage

Saturday, Feb 28

Jim and Juanice, our friends, picked us up this morning to take us to the airport.  When we got to Nashville, we were an hour late leaving.  Something about weight and balancing.  We had to take on extra fuel, because Denver had low visibility.  They had to take some of the suitcases from down below and put them up in the overhead bins.  We sort of just figured we would miss our flight in Denver.  But when we got to Denver the flight going to Anchorage was delayed.  We did have to make a couple of gate changes, but we had plenty of time.

What do you do on a long flight?  We both read quite a bit.  I also worked on a couple  of dot-to-dot pictures.

opps, it's upside down.  Oh well.   We played a card game also.  It really wasn't a bad flight.

Jerry and Melissa picked us up at the airport.  Scott had supper ready for us when we got to the church.  He had made homemade chicken soup and corn bread.  It tasted really good.

There is a Fur Rendezvous Celebration downtown.  They had fireworks that we could see from the church.

Our friend, Anne was supposed to fly in tonight.  She got a text last night that her flight was cancelled.  She was going through Dallas.  She finally got to talk to an agent today and she will not be coming in until Tues.  She was really disappointed.  We will put her to work when she comes!!

Sunday, March 1

We got up this morning and drove up to Wasilla.  We wanted to go to church up there.  First Baptist in Wasilla is the church that we work out of in the summer.

On the way up there was a lot of ice fog.  This is ice that is formed on the trees when it is foggy.  I took this picrture while we were driving.

Howard got these pictures at the church in Wasilla.

There has been very little snow here in Alaska  this winter.  We went out to lunch with Carolyn, the church secretrary.  She has become a very good friend of ours.  She and Howard celebrate birthdays in March, just a day apart.

The coulds lifted a little bit as we were coming home and we saw a glimps of the mountains!

Monday, March 2

We spent most of the day today, going through the food pantry and sorting out the food stuff.  Also got rid of all the opened things.  We got it all organized and ready to restock it.

We had a beautiful view of Mt. McKinnley (Denali) this morning.  We don't always see it from Anchorage.  It is so pretty with the sun shining on it.

Sleeping Lady (Susitna) was pretty with the sun shining on the snow.  It clouded up soon after I took this picture.

Howard and I made a WalMart run for a few things.  Tomrrow we have a staff meeting at 10:30, then lunch for staff.  In the afternoon we pick up Anne, who is flying in from Arkansas.  We will do a Sam's shopping after she gets here.

Not sure if I will get another blog done before we go to Fairbanks.  We have things to prepare as the teams come in on Thursday.  The Iditarod race starts on Monday from Fairbanks.  Right now the weather forcast for the day of the race is a high of 3 degrees and a low of -17 degrees.  It is going to be a cold day for the teams helping to set up.  Thankfully most of our work will be done inside.  We will have to get out and do some shopping, and of course get out to the site of the race part of the time.

Continue to pray for us.  The real work will be starting soon. the temp in Anchorage tonight is 36 with a low of 30.  This isn't much different than we have had at home this winter.

Today, my Dad would have been 100 years!

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