Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anchorage, AK

March 3  Tuesday

Today I got some laundry done and Howard and I made a shopping list.  We had a staff meeting at 10:30.  Scott went over all the things that will be happening this week.  The teams will be doing ministry when we are here in Anchorage, before and after we go to Fairbanks.

We fed the staff lunch, and then we picked up Anne at the airport.  When we got back to the church We met Jerry and Melissa at Sam's and we did a big shopping.  I need to rework my list and we will go to Costco tomorrow.

Reheated lunch for dinner and just sat around and talked with Jerry and Melissa.

March 4  Wednesday

We went downtown today and looked at the ice sculptures.  They were pretty good, I  think.

This one was called Alaskian beach bums

This was Billy Goat Gruff

We then went to Costco and WalMart and finished up our shopping.  We got all of our food, for the week, we think.  We are going to take the food for Fairbanks from here.  Not sure if we will have a vehicle while we are up there.

March 5  Thursday

Today, my youngest brother turned 60.  How can that be?

Our teams started coming in this afternoon and evening.  Some are coming in late, but all will be here for breakfast.  We made a big pot of chili, so some of the people coming in late can have a bowl before they turn in.

We had some visitors.  When Howard and I were first married we taught the jr and sr high Sunday School class at church in Michigan.  One of those fellows was here today.  They are going to be going to the Iditarod in Fairbanks.  We saw Don and his son Jordan 11 1/2 years ago in CA.  In fact when Don saw me he said, "Last time I saw you, you didn't have hair."  He also reminded us of the time we crammed 13 junior and senior students into our VW bug to take them to several places for a progressive dinner.  They spent Thanksgiving with us in 2003 and I was in treatment at that time for breast cancer.  Howard, Don, Jordan and Anne all went to the same church camp in the Thumb area of Michigan.  We had a great visit with them this afternoon.  Jordan is with "Young America" and travels quite a bit.  When Jorden first joined Young America as a college student he was in S. CA.  We would have him over to the house from time to time.

             Don               Howard              Ann               Anne

                                         Jordan   and Don  Mantey

We are suppose to get snow tonight, so maybe tomorrow I will have some snow pictures.  The yards have a lot of grass showing at this time.

March 6, Friday

Today was a FULL day!  All of our teams were here for breakfast, except for one team of seven that comes in tonight.

Some of the people chatting before we had breakfast.  They are still on their home time zones, so are up early.  When we do three meals a day, it keeps us hopping.

Anne and I did make a WalMart run today.  For breakfast we had pancakes with blueberry syrup and reindeer sausage. For lunch we fixed hot chicken salad sandwiches and tonight we fixed pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, broccoli, tossed salad and home made rolls.  This is just an example of the meals that we fix.

Today night after dinner, 19 people fixed their lunches for tomorrow.  They are leaving to go up to Fairbanks and help put up 3 miles of fencing.  The rest of us will leave on Sunday morning.

Do you want to see our snow?

Not much around here!!  

Saturday, March 7

The teams going to Fairbanks left about 8:00 this morning.  We fed them breakfast first at 7:30.  We had made a list last night of everything we need to take to Fairbanks.  We are taking food and utensils for everything we will need.

We did get a chance to go downtown Anchorage to see the Ceremonial Start of the Iditarod.  They haul in snow and all the teams start down 4th street.  There are 79 teams this year.  They start a team every 2 minutes. GraceWorks had a van that would drop us off and pick us up.  They ran it every 30 minutes.  We took some time and went down.

I couldn't get real close, but got some pictures.

The snow that was hauled in.  This is one of the main reasons they are moving to Fairbanks to start the race.  The snow is almost non existent this year in the lower elevations.

The dogs are ready to leave.  There are volunteer dog handlers that hold the team back until they are ready to leave.


Tomorrow morning we will be feeding the teams at 7:00 and need to be ready to pull out at 8:00.  We have to load the trailer in the morning.  I"m sure we will have lots of help.  Howard, Anne and I are looking forward to the 8-hour drive, to do nothing but ride.  The church in Fairbanks that we are staying is providing dinner for us tomorrow night.  We are very appreciative of them doing that.

Pray for us Monday.  We have to have a cooked breakfast ready for the teams to eat at 5:00 am.  This is after we lose an hour sleep tonight.  Pray for our strength, and that we will keep our servant attitudes.  Thank you so much for remembering to pray for us.  I won't post again until we get back.

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