Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Vist to East TN

We made a lunch date with a friend from CA that is moving from TN to CA.  We met in McMinnville, TN.  We had such a good visit catching up.  We hadn't seen each other for a few years.  It wasn't until we both left that I realized I didn't get any pictures.  Sorry, Sue Stevens.  It was so good to see you again.  Life gets too busy.

We went over to Laurie's Sunday after church to spend a few days with her.  Brett and Laurie still like to bike ride, even after Laurie's fall last year.

They do most of their riding in the National Forrest near them.  They will ride anywhere from 8 - 15 miles at a time.  Beautiful area.  They took us in the car to show us where they ride.  

Laurie and Brett live in Ocoee, TN.  They are in the country but have quite a few neighbors they have met.

 I never tire of the view from their place.  We had a storm come in one day.  I love a good rain storm.  The clouds got really dark before it started raining.

Laurie gets her milk from an Old Order Mennonite community. We went over with her on Tuesday.  I always love the drive over there.  We got some produce from the market there also.

One night Laurie roasted grape tomatoes, onions and garlic in some olive oil.  She cooked some spinach in a little bit of olive oil when that was done.  We put that on pasta.  Yummy.  It was a great meal.  We also had some chicken cut up in it.

We had fresh lettuce from the garden, and a fresh batch of crusty bread.

Their garden

The four oldest kids at home work at Ocoee Retreat Center.  It is about  mile from their place.  What a good job opportunity.

Chase, Hunter, Hannah and Noah

Daria will be 16 this summer.

We also had fresh roasted broccoli from the garden.  We sure do love the fresh garden products.

Laurie has two grave stone markers in her yard.  The story goes about couple who lived on this land, that when the wife died, the creek was too high to get to the cemetery, so she was buried here.  They did not have any children, so when the husband died several years later he was also buried here.

Mr. Copeland had a long life before his wife, and after his wife.

Laurie will walk by this house on the days she walks.  She would love to know the history of this place.
Do you remember drinking water from one of these?  I sure do. It was always nice and cold.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another vist to No. KY

Well, another trip was planned for a visit to Matt and Amy's.  Matt had some projects that he wanted Howard's help on, plus we needed to see Evelyn.  I helped Amy around the house and helped to keep track of Abigail.  (A chore I hate to do. :) ).

Matt and Amy moved into their house a couple of weeks ago.  We are so happy they were able to move into a house.  The back yard will be so nice for the kids.

I enjoyed myself having time with the kids.  Abigail is doing as well as can be expected with the new baby.

Matt wanted shelves made for the garage so he has a place to store camping equipment, Christmas things and etc.  His garage is mostly concrete walls.  I think they did a very good job.

Of course what is on the shelf is the most precious!

Abigail will be two on the 28th.  She is the big sister now!!  She may not always be, however, seeing how big Evelyn was at birth.  She had her ten-day check up and she is just 1 oz short of her birth weight of 9# 7 oz.

Matt, Amy and Evelyn had a Dr appointment, so we watched Abigail.  I needed to take a shower so Grandpa babysat.
He knew where she was!!

Abigail likes  to be read to, especially if it is her Dad or Grandpa.

Amy wanted a place to put mail and hang up keys.  She found this pattern on Pinterest.  Howard put it together mostly here at our house.  Amy put the finish on it at their place.  it looks like it will serve them well.

Matt has taught Abigail to dunk her Oreo's.  What a charming face!!

Abigail looking at Mommy and Evelyn through the stairway railing.

Just a few more pictures.  It was hard to tell them good-bye.  We won't see them until August.  They change so much at this age.

Laurie and Brett flew up to No. KY because Brett's aunt is very sick.  There is a definite possibility she will not make it.  They stopped in the house and Auntie Laurie got to hold Evelyn!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nashville, IN

Last Saturday when we came home from Erin's we drove through Nashville, IN in Brown County.  It was a beautiful drive down.  It has a lot of little shops that are interesting to go through.
We found this one pottery shop and Howard found these bowls.  There were very unique.  We especially liked  these because they were seconds and were half price.  :)

You will notice that they have two little holes in the side and two notches opposite the holes.  This is to hold chop sticks.

Tonight for dinner I fixed rice and stir fry.

We used our chops stick and finished it up to the last drop!!  Yummy

It was just a fun thing to do.

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