Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another vist to No. KY

Well, another trip was planned for a visit to Matt and Amy's.  Matt had some projects that he wanted Howard's help on, plus we needed to see Evelyn.  I helped Amy around the house and helped to keep track of Abigail.  (A chore I hate to do. :) ).

Matt and Amy moved into their house a couple of weeks ago.  We are so happy they were able to move into a house.  The back yard will be so nice for the kids.

I enjoyed myself having time with the kids.  Abigail is doing as well as can be expected with the new baby.

Matt wanted shelves made for the garage so he has a place to store camping equipment, Christmas things and etc.  His garage is mostly concrete walls.  I think they did a very good job.

Of course what is on the shelf is the most precious!

Abigail will be two on the 28th.  She is the big sister now!!  She may not always be, however, seeing how big Evelyn was at birth.  She had her ten-day check up and she is just 1 oz short of her birth weight of 9# 7 oz.

Matt, Amy and Evelyn had a Dr appointment, so we watched Abigail.  I needed to take a shower so Grandpa babysat.
He knew where she was!!

Abigail likes  to be read to, especially if it is her Dad or Grandpa.

Amy wanted a place to put mail and hang up keys.  She found this pattern on Pinterest.  Howard put it together mostly here at our house.  Amy put the finish on it at their place.  it looks like it will serve them well.

Matt has taught Abigail to dunk her Oreo's.  What a charming face!!

Abigail looking at Mommy and Evelyn through the stairway railing.

Just a few more pictures.  It was hard to tell them good-bye.  We won't see them until August.  They change so much at this age.

Laurie and Brett flew up to No. KY because Brett's aunt is very sick.  There is a definite possibility she will not make it.  They stopped in the house and Auntie Laurie got to hold Evelyn!!

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